Not All Saviors Are Evil On 'TWD'

When The Walking Dead returns, besides revealing who the heck Negan chose to kill, we're finally going to get to see the Saviors in action with their leader. So far, we've only seen members of this group on their own, and not all of them are too thrilled to be there. In an interview with Bustle, Christine Evangelista talks filming The Walking Dead Season 6 and what her character says about Negan as a leader. Since she appears in the SDCC trailer for The Walking Dead Season 7, it looks like her story isn't over after all.

The character is called "Honey" and "Sher" in the Season 6 episode "Always Accountable," but comic book fans (and IMDb) recognize the character by now as Sherry. You definitely remember her as one of the people who stole Daryl's beloved bike and crossbow.

"That was a great moment," says Evangelista. "You know how excited I was when I read that script? Because I didn't know who this person was either, I didn't know it was Sherry, it wasn't listed that way. And then when I found out this was the scene, I was like oh ho ho! Bananas!" It wasn't until Evangelista was cast, even, that she discovered who she was playing and "what we were running from," in her words. The Walking Dead is just that secretive; are you surprised?

"Getting there and getting all this information," she says, "this pivotal scene that shapes what's going to happen ... to be an instrumental part of that was so thrilling." Plus, the fact that Sherry and her Savior companions were running away from that life proves some Saviors might be decent. They may not be as much of a cult as we think. "Well yeah," says Evangelista, "[Negan]'s a very dangerous man. I can't imagine anybody is really happy to be there. But it's the only safe haven that they know of and the world outside of that is even scarier. It's the only way they can survive. Doesn't mean that they're very happy about it."

We saw Sherry's husband later on in Season 6, and according to TVLine Austin Amelio, who plays Dwight on the AMC series, was promoted to series regular for Season 7. However, it's unclear what ended up happening to Sherry. As for Negan's now infamous victim? "I think the truth," Evangelista posits, "what the truth might be, exceeds any expectations. It's much bigger than you thought, I think." That's probably right. Cliffhangers can be frustrating, but what comes next is almost always worse.

Images: Gene Page/AMC; Giphy