Who is Annella Kaine? Tim Kaine's Daughter Has Serious Musical Caliber

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton announced Friday her pick for vice president: Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia. Kaine has only been serving in the Senate since 2013, taking the position after his four-year term as Virginia governor. Kaine also served as the 51st chairman of the Democratic National Committee, making him a very qualified, if a little predictable, candidate for vice president. But enough about Kaine — let's talk about his kids. Who is Annella Kaine? She's the senator's only daughter.

Kaine has three children altogether: sons Nat and Woody, and daughter Annella, who's currently a student at New York University. Annella is majoring in theater at NYU and is slated to graduate in 2017, according to her WayUp profile.

Not to much else is known about Annella and her brothers, who, until now, have led relatively low-profile lives. Annella lived in Richmond, the Virginia capital, for most of her childhood, and attended Richmond public schools, according to Kaine's website. Annella was also raised Roman Catholic.

In a 2010 article for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Annella discussed her close relationship with her mother, Anne. "My mom and I have a great relationship," Annella told the news source. "I'm not saying we don't fight, she is my mother after all, but we just get along pretty well."

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Annella also gave this advice on how daughters and mothers can strengthen their relationships:

I think that it's just important that you spend time with each other. You have to find a good amount of time, too much and you'll be sure to drive each other crazy, but too little and you get kinda far apart. When you find a comfortable groove to get into, doing things that you both like, you get along a lot better.

Sounds like a good plan, Annella! But lest you were starting to think Annella didn't have a life outside her family, here's a video of Kaine's only daughter showcasing her guitar skills and her sophisticated, smoky vocals. This clip was published on the Facebook page of the New York art collective Cunnilingus Curated. Yes, that's the name of the collective, and yes, her father may not like that floating around the internet if he becomes vice president.

But you do you, Annella. You do you.