9 Iconic But Underrated Celebrity Sunglasses That Should Make History — PHOTOS

Can't find your usual sunnies? Got yourself a headache from squinting in the sun? Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. Luckily, you can gather some seasonal inspiration from celebrities wearing iconic sunglasses. Many of us are familiar with historical shades like those of Anna Wintour or Roy Orbison. But I'll have you know that plenty of Hollywood's finest are responsible for some seriously rad but underrated sunny styles.

Sometimes these wardrobe staples are rocked purely as fashion statements. Other times, they seem more like a vehicle with which to shy away from the blinding flashes of paparazzi when celebs really can't be bothered dealing with the press. I mean, when you're tired from a long day of being fabulous, the last thing you probably want are your eye bags being circled in some cringeworthy gossip column. Whatever the reason, these sunnies are always fabulous.

In 2016, you can essentially buy a pair of sunglasses in any shape and color you desire, no matter your budget. Whether you're fan of classic vintage styles or slightly more modern twists, chances are there's been a famous figure who's been seen rocking some similar frames. Heck, more often than not it's probably thanks to these celebs that your favorite variety has been made popular in the first place.

So let us take a moment to celebrate some pop culture icons rocking rad but underrated shades. Who knew celebrities were human beings who needed protection from UV rays, too?

1. Paris Hilton

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The baby-voiced heiress Paris Hilton has always been a massive fan of sunglasses and it's obvious that she believes that the bigger they are, the better. At her peak in the early 2000s, you could catch her out and about in a humungous pair of shades that nearly concealed her entire face but still looked absolutely amazing.

Not only does she have an extensive collection, but she's also designed her own line of protective eyewear. Unfortunately, you can no longer buy from her vogue-ish collection, but you can still browse through the pictures on this hilariously-dated web store.

2. Flavor Flav

Scott Wintrow/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ever the one for a statement piece (how can anyone forget the time he wore a viking hat or his infamous signature clock chain necklace?), it's no wonder that Flavor Flav has a penchant for using his style choices to wow the world. The time he wore a pair of goggle-like Oakleys down the red carpet was potentially the most outrageous celebrity eyewear choice I can remember. It was very brave, and I still love it.

3. Kurt Cobain

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're completely obsessed with '90s style or a diehard music fan in general, chances are you've considered buying a pair of "Kurt Cobain glasses" in your lifetime. The Nirvana frontman was famously known for wearing a pair of Christian Roth 6558 frames and while he never tried to be a style icon, preferring to wear clothes for practicality and until they began to fray, he ended up becoming one anyway. I even have some cheap knockoffs of his shades myself.

4. Amber Rose

Julien M. Hekimian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This is a bit of an accidental throwback to when Kanye West was dating Amber Rose, but these golden vintage Chanel chain sunglasses that she was snapped wearing in 2011 are beyond cool. I'm also a massive fan of the lime green jacket that clashed with her popping pink lipstick, but that's for another article.

5. Bono

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You can't write a list of celebrities wearing sunglasses and not include Bono. I mean, it's practically illegal. The U2 rockstar and philanthropist has constantly been spotted wearing sunglasses due to his glaucoma condition, which makes his eyes a lot more sensitive to light compared to the average human. You'll most likely catch him wearing a tinted pair — aka his signature style.

6. Kanye West

Scott Gries/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kanye West has kickstarted a lot of things in his time, arguably including Taylor Swift's music career and the rise of the shutter shades. Honestly, though, I think he's potentially the only person who can pull this look off. I tried wearing some similar shades back in 2008 and walked straight into someone's back.

7. Beyoncé

Yet another impractical look from the star-studded world, I reckon this is what vision must be like for people with overgrown bangs. Still, Beyoncé looked like her usual super-self even in these fringed sunglasses. You can watch the whole look in action in her 2008 video for "Diva."

8. John Lennon


You know those cool and aloof Tumblr girls wearing small round frames and staring you down? Although they look ferociously fierce, they certainly weren't the first to incorporate rose-tinted circular sunglasses into their everyday looks.

John Lennon — you know, the really famous dude from The Beatles — wore these yellow classic spectacles himself from the year 1967 and beyond. They're also known as wire-rimmed Windsor "granny" glasses. Who knew?

9. Elton John

Carlo Allegri/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ever the lover of kitschy specs, British music icon Elton John reportedly owns a glasses collection that amounts to over 250,000 pairs, which is way beyond impressive. He keeps them in immaculate condition and actually has a walk-in closet to house them all. Rumors have it that he legit asked a hotel for an extra room just for his spectacles while he was traveling. Diva alert.

This custom-made red glittery pair is my absolute favorite, but he's been seen wearing some true gems over the years.

Feeling inspired? Go forth and find the sunglasses of your dreams — and may they last a lifetime of summers. Failing that, maybe contact Elton to see if he'll lend you a pair.

Image: Beyoncé/Youtube (1)