What is Tim Kaine's Net Worth? The Ex-Virginia Governor Could Be Heavily Scrutinized

"Having a lot of money" is a criterion Donald Trump seems to think we should value very highly on a presidential ticket, so why not evaluate it for Hillary's running mate? Luckily, the information is not as difficult to unearth as Trump's tax returns. So, now that the news is finally out, courtesy of a Friday evening text to Clinton supporters, you might be asking: What is Tim Kaine's net worth?

In comparison to his co-workers in Congress, Tim Kaine has a net worth that is higher than average. As of 2014, the Harvard Law School grad's net worth was reported to be $1.45 million, according to InsideGov.com. Though this number may be high for Congress as a whole, it's a whole $1.43 million less than the net worth of the average senator. So, Tim Kaine hasn't yet flipped his annual senators' salary of $174,000 into millions.

Since the early days of his political career, Senator Kaine has not always made the most prudent fiscal decisions. On June 30, Politico's Isaac Arnsdorf broke the story that Kaine accepted $160,000 in gifts during his time as governor and lieutenant governor of Virginia (which is legal in the state). According to Arnsdorf, Kaine accepted gifts from political supporters, and drug and electric companies, in the form of vacations, clothes, and basketball games.

A Kaine spokesperson told Arnsdorf: "During his eight years as lieutenant governor and governor, Sen. Kaine went beyond the requirements of Virginia law, even publicly disclosing gifts of value beneath the reporting threshold."

SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Clinton must have decided to she could stomach this situation, even though her campaign will definitely not appreciate the added scrutiny on the morality front.