On Fridays, Janis Ian Gets Engaged

You go, Janis Ian! According to Us Weekly, 34-year-old Mean Girls actress Lizzy Caplan is engaged to her long-time regulation hottie (aka her longtime boyfriend, for all you guys not brushed up on your Mean Girls vocab), Tom Riley. The pair were spotted grocery shopping in Los Angeles Friday, while Caplan rocked a massive diamond on her left hand. It seems as though the pair has kept their upcoming nuptials a secret for a little while now (Us Weekly reports it may have happened in May) — but that's OK, because these two are still totally fetch.

The couple originally met back in January 2015, while Caplan was filming Now You See Me 2 in London. They eventually made their relationship public during the 2016 Prague Opera Ball. They seem adorable together and I'm overwhelmed with joy at this news.

It seems Caplan is totally ready for family life too: In 2014, Caplan proclaimed in the November issue of Elle Canada that she would love to be the breadwinner of future marital life if she decides to have kids, and does not want to succumb to society's pressures of how women should raise their children: "I don't want it to be an assumption that I will be the one to stay home and raise the kids. Now, I could have kids and want to do that, I have no idea — but from where I sit now, that does not sound all that appealing to me," she said. "I really want kids, and I want to be fully involved in their lives, but I don't want to sacrifice my own goals to be a mother... it's a really conscious choice to be, say, the woman who goes out and works while the husband stays at home. It's 2014, and if your husband makes less money than you, people ask you if that's 'weird' for you. It's pretty mind-blowing."

Just like Janis Ian, Caplan is clearly a strong individual with unwavering morals and I cannot wait to see this great couple and their relationship blossom. Congratulations!