Tim Kaine Playing The Harmonica vs. Bill Clinton Playing The Saxophone, Because Sure, Why Not?

On Friday evening — much to the dismay of journalists everywhere hoping to cap off a long, tough week with a beer or a shot of tequila — presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton introduced Sen. Tim Kaine as her choice for vice president. So, naturally, I'm here to talk about Tim Kaine playing the harmonica, not about his experience or his approval ratings.

The senator — who previously served as mayor of Richmond and lieutenant governor and governor of Virginia — has extensive leadership experience and appears to be a safe choice, if not an exciting one. So, I decided to dig a little deeper into the life of Sen. Tim Kaine. I wanted to find out what makes Sen. Tim Kaine tick. So I clicked on to the true mirror of a man's personality: his Instagram page.

A cursory glance at his Instagram reveals him to be a man who appreciates a nice, educational trip to historical Colonial Williamsburg (classic Virginia) and a man who cares deeply about his constituents. But a closer look reveals that this is a man who loves to play the harmonica. Yes, the harmonica.

Seriously, there are multiple videos of Sen. Tim Kaine playing the harmonica, and I have to say, I really enjoy it. His endearing smile and sense of ever-present cheer remind me of another vice president I'm particularly fond of: the man in the office right now, Vice President Joe Biden. So, because this is vitally important to the outcome of this election and the fate of our country, I present Sen. Tim Kaine playing some tunes on St. Patrick's Day in a video from his Instagram account:

If that's not enough for you, here's Tim Kaine playing harmonica on News Channel 8. I encourage you to follow him on Instagram for more videos.

Now, because this election has been long and hard and filled with hateful rhetoric (and we still have three and a half months to endure), I'm here to introduce a little levity into the conversation. So here's former president and possible First Man (First Husband? First Gentleman?) Bill Clinton playing the saxophone:

Brian Lee on YouTube

Now, I'm not a musician, so I won't make any judgment calls on who's the better player, but I will say that I sincerely hope to see Hillary Clinton in office a few months from now... with these two politicians jamming by her side, playing the sweet songs o' victory.