Lin-Manuel Miranda's Upcoming 'Drunk History' Role Is The Best Follow-Up To 'Hamilton'

Are you already suffering from Hamilton withdrawal? Have you worn out your copy of the cast recording? Find yourself fatigued from the non-energizing vibes of non-Hamilton-related news? Well, I have a cure for what ails you, dear reader. Hot off the San Diego Comic Con presses comes the news that none other than Lin-Manuel Miranda will be on Drunk History Season 4 to explain the story of none other than... you guessed it! Alexander Hamilton. This is set to be one of Miranda's first major post-Hamilton acting gigs, and let's be real: it's so not a surprise (but it's so glorious) that he would stick to his historical comfort zone. Miranda has been a master on Hamilton's life for the better part of eight years. He first introduced us to the first phase of Hamilton at the White House in 2009, performing what would be the opening number of the musical. From there, the rest is (please don't groan because I'm going to say it) history. It makes sense he's be happy to revisit familiar territory in a delightfully unfamiliar way.

Just in case you've somehow missed out on the magic that is Drunk History, here's the set-up: Take one celebrity, ply them with booze, then ask them to tell a story. Drunk History's caveat is that the story the drunk celebrity tells is a historical one. Hilarity often ensues because the storyteller inevitably embellishes above and beyond what's expected. These crazy apocryphal histories then get re-enacted, with the re-enactors mouthing the words of the storyteller. So, it looks like Miranda is set to get plastered beyond belief and wax poetical on the duel between Hamilton and BFF Aaron Burr. While this moment is included in the musical, this is totally the kind of story that definitely needs its own spotlight.


Drunk History creator Derek Waters revealed that Miranda drank a whole mess of tequila before he told his story, and that if we're lucky enough, there may be some singing involved. Before you get too worried that Miranda will basically be recounting the final act of Hamilton, Waters elaborated on what we can expect: "I said 'I want you to tell the stuff that you didn't get to put in the musical. Stuff that you can't fit into that show.' And it's more Hamilton and Burr's duel. Different duels that weren't talked about in the musical. I never want people to feel like they're doing homework." I don't think I have ever been more ready to see a drunk celebrity tell me a story than when it comes to Miranda. Bring it on.

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