13 Amy Winehouse Songs To Listen To In Memory Of The Legendary Singer

Most of us remember where we were when we found out Amy Winehouse had passed away at the age of 27; it was a day full of sadness, confusion, and remembrance of the beautiful music she produced throughout her short life. It's hard to believe it's now the fifth anniversary of Amy Winehouse's death, which occurred on July 23, 2011, because in the half decade since her passing, Winehouse has remained an integral part of pop culture. Artists from Beyoncé to Sam Smith have payed tribute to her through beautiful covers, and the documentary Amy was praised for its emotionally honest look into Winehouse's life.

As it's an extremely emotional day, it makes sense that many fans will spend much of their July 23 listening to their favorite Winehouse songs. While Winehouse had many upbeat and radio-ready hits, she was a soul singer, and this sad day is a good one to revisit her most soulful, emotional, and lyrically complex songs. From heartbreaking ballads to breakup songs, here are some of Amy Winehouse's most soulful songs to honor a great musician on the anniversary of her death.

"Some Unholy War"

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The resolute Back to Black track documents an unhealthy level of romantic devotion with touches of both love and suffering.

"Wake Up Alone"

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The song presents loneliness as a disease in a beautiful and heartbreaking way.

"I Heard Love Is Blind"

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The wistful song from Winehouse's debut album Frank is sweet on the surface with a sadness lurking below, like a lot of Winehouse's music.

"Love Is A Losing Game"

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The positioning of love as a game of chance that's stacked against you is made more heartbreaking by the yearning in her voice.

"What It Is"

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This unreleased track is a soft and sentimental sounding song about a doomed relationship.

"Our Day Will Come"

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A slightly more hopeful song, Winehouse sounds like she's from another era.

"Take The Box"

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It's still the perfect breakup song.

"I Should Care"

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This mournful jazz song was recorded early in Winehouse's career.

"You Sent Me Flying (Cherry)"

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The chorus of "you sent me flying when you kicked me to the curb" and the pick up in the middle make this a perfect amalgamation of contradictions.

"Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow"

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Her cover of this '60s classic has Amy belting like there's no tomorrow.

"Someone To Watch Over Me"

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This time taking on the unenviable task of covering Ella Fitzgerald, she does an incredible job.

"Tears Dry — Original Version"

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The original version of the Back to Black track "Tears Dry On Their Own" includes a slower tempo that allows the listener to really absorb Winehouse's soulful, longing lyrics. Another breakup classic.

"There Is No Greater Love"

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Like most of the songs on Frank, it's heartbreaking because of how soft and beautiful it is.

While Winehouse sang many heartbreaking songs that fit the tone of this sad day, I also recommend celebrating her life with some of her more upbeat songs if you are feeling down. It's hard to be sad when you're listening to her cover of The Zutons' "Valerie."