Who Is Karen David? 'Once Upon A Time' Has Found The Perfect Jasmine

Once Upon A Time's upcoming season will incorporate elements of Disney's Aladdin, and the show has slowly been announcing its cast, saving the casting of one particularly crucial role for its last announcement. But now, the person playing Jasmine has finally been revealed, and while the actor's face might be kind of familiar, you're probably wondering who Karen David is and what she'll be bringing to the role of Jasmine. Well, good news: David seems like a pitch-perfect choice for the part.

The 37-year-old David has been acting for over a decade, but she's probably most recognizable to American audiences for portraying Princess Isabella Maria Lucia Elizabetta of Valencia in Galavant, ABC's fairytale musical comedy special. David was born in India, grew up in Canada, and studied acting in England. She acted in British theater and appeared regularly on BBC shows, including the drama Waterloo Road and the children's high-tech comedy Pixelface. Before Galavant, her first major appearance on US television was as the daughter of an oil tycoon on an episode of Castle.

OUAT appears to have wanted to keep her casting as a special surprise, as while the actors cast as Aladdin and Jafar (Deniz Akdeniz and Oded Fehr, respectively) were announced at Once Upon A Time's panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, the crew saved the news about Jasmine's casting for a couple hours after that news debuted. While Fehr and Akdeniz will appear in the first episode of Season 6, David's Jasmine won't appear until Episode 4, so anticipation for the character is high.

Perhaps when she does appear, David will incorporate some of her musical background. On Galavant, David was Isabella, a brave and no-nonsense princess determined to save her kingdom, and the musical element of the show proved no big deal for her. In addition to being an actor, she's also a pop singer, with multiple EPs and soundtrack appearances to her name. She's even married to Swedish producer Carl Ryden, who has worked on music for artists from David Guetta to Cher.

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It's unlikely that David will be singing on the upcoming season of Once Upon A Time, but hey, you never know. While the Comic-Con panel revealed details about Aladdin and Jafar's plot, Jasmine's story remains mostly mysterious, so fans will have to wait and find out when the new season premieres in September. David must be excited: last year in a Reddit AMA, she revealed that she'd love to be cast on OUAT, writing: "I would love to be on the show! If they ever want Esmeralda, or Pocahontas or Jasmine from Aladdin to come on, I'd LOVE to do it!" Looks like dreams do come true, and not just in fairytales.