The Lip Smacker's Summer BBQ Lip Balm Flavors Rock

If barbecuing with your friends on the weekend is one of your favorite summer pastimes, then hold onto your hat. You can now load up on the new flavors of Lip Smacker's Summer Barbecue Lip Balms. That's right: The time has come to bring the glory of salty potato chips and loaded hot dogs to your beauty regimen.

The balms range from classic flavors to truly novel tastes, gliding between hearty meals and fresh fruit tastes. According to Popsugar, they come in five "wild-but-wonderful flavors: Double Cheeseburger ($3), Salted Pretzel ($3), Sweet Potato Fries ($3), Root Beer Float ($3), and Watermelon ($3)." Depending on whether you're in the mood for snacks or desserts, you should be able to find the perfect match to suit your needs.

Now, understandably, not everyone is bound to think that the idea of smearing double cheeseburgers across their lips will constitute a good time. There's a reason most beauty brands haven't expanded their lines to include the deli section, and the idea of a hydrating meat patty sounds a bit off. But keep in mind that the scents and tastes are never too overpowering.

Popsugar reported on the notes of the balms, explaining, "Double Cheeseburger has a subtle smoky (not meaty) aroma that even a vegetarian could get on board with. Salted Pretzel is redolent of salt (duh) and rising yeast dough, while Root Beer Float has a creamy effervescence that would make you want to reapply all day."

Sweet Potato Fries, $2.50, Lip Smacker; Salted Pretzel, $2.50, Lip Smacker;Double Cheeseburger, $2.50, Lip Smacker; Root Beer Float, $2.50, Lip Smacker; Watermelon, $2.50, Lip Smacker

To further ease your nervousness, Popsugar also tackled the sweet potato option, soothing any worries that it might taste like Thanksgiving dinner: "It has an earthy, root vegetable quality that is spot-on to the real thing, while caramelized undertones (just like you'd find in a roasted tray of the tubers) keep the balm from being too savory." See, nothing to worry about!

For those who prefer to keep their makeup arsenal stocked with classics, however, this still might be hard to get on board with. Just see my friend's reaction when I told her about this fun new collection below.

So, yeah, trepidation is still out there. But with these balms clocking in at $2.50 a piece, you're not risking much with a little experimentation. Go a little crazy and embrace summer while we still have it.

Images: Lip Smacker (1); Marlen Komar (1)