"Mars One Way" Documents Earthlings Who Are Planning To Settle On Mars By 2024

Are you not satisfied with your life on Earth? Looking to leave this planet behind in, say, 10 years? Then Mars One Way is your kind of gig. A group of people — Earthlings, mind you — named Mars One is aiming to create a settlement on the red planet by 2024.

To better understand this project, you can watch a documentary on the other-worldly group that plans to purchase a one-way ticket to Mars and stay there for the rest of their lives. The short film gives an interesting inside look into the lives of these aspiring Martians. One woman, sporting a fitting crimson bob, said "I want to go Mars more than anything." Another woman speaks on how her husband broke the news to her that the Mars expedition is a one-way arrangement, which means he would ultimately be leaving her and their children behind. The commitment to this project is unreal, with more than 200,000 applicants interested in starting their lives over via a trip to the cosmos.

Sorry, but have these people seen Gravity?! I would immediately retract my application for Mars One after seeing that scary flick. Forget the uncontrollable tumbling in space, I'm completely content with my life on Earth.