John Oliver Has A Great Plan For The DNC

by Cate Carrejo

The Democratic National Convention is bringing the star power this year — celebs from America Ferrera to Tony Goldwyn to Katy Perry are set to attend and speak at the convention, and more are expected to appear on the late night shows that will broadcast after the big to-do in Philly. Among those who are going to offer their thoughts on the Democratic process is Last Week Tonight host John Oliver, who is stopping by the DNC to hang out with another famous late night host.

Oliver is scheduled to appear on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this Wednesday, along with actor Jai Courtney and rapper Charlemagne Tha God. The interesting and unlikely combo should be a recipe for hilarity, so be sure to tune in at 11:35 p.m. ET to check it out.

Aside from being individually hilarious, Colbert and Oliver make a great team — they both got their starts as correspondents on The Daily Show. More recently, they got together for an episode of The Late Show in March, highlighting Oliver's now legendary "Make Donald Drumpf Again" segment. Hopefully, their new interview will reflect a lot of the political turmoil of the last four months and through the chaos and frustration, the world will get some hysterical moments.

Of course, Oliver and Colbert aren't just around for the jokes — both are skilled interviewers and have serious political insight. Oliver has a penchant for giving pretty unbiased and revealing criticism of both political parties, so you can be sure he'll have a lot to unload during his appearance on Colbert's show.

He's been on a brief hiatus for the last few weeks, during which time a lot of major drama has gone down, including the leaked email scandal and, of course, the Republicans' convention. Colbert should be able to prompt some pretty awesome rants against the political system that have undoubtedly been building up since Oliver last got his chance to pop off.

Although Oliver won't be broadcasting his own show during the convention, you can bet that he'll cover any DNC shenanigans on new episodes of LWT. In the meantime, his interview with Colbert should prove both informative and hilarious, a combination in which Oliver specializes. Be sure to follow along as the DNC unfolds this week, because Oliver is sure to get into some serious, but funny, political commentary, and you'll want to stay on top of the news out of Philadelphia to keep up.