Facebook News Feed Gets A Redesign, Yet Again, So Let's Hope This One Sticks

Last March, Facebook announced that it planned to roll out a new look to the News Feed — a brand-new, Tumblr-influenced design that only a small number of users had a chance to try out. Unfortunately for Mark Zuckerberg and co, those who did try it couldn't stand it, and so Facebook shrugged and pulled the redesign. On Thursday, Facebook launched a new News Feed design, which features bigger images, new fonts, and a dark, concise sidebar — much like the Facebook mobile app.

This new design is designed to appear more sleek and minimalistic. At the moment, Facebook News Feeds are chock-full of information: A chat box on the right side, ads cluttering the right side of the News Feed, and a messy list of buttons to click on the left. With the redesign, however, the News Feed will have a great deal more white space, and fewer buttons to click on, much like Facebook's look on mobile devices.

Images will be bigger, and new fonts like Arial and Helvetica — one of the most well-respected fonts ever — will be utilized.

But the biggest change to Facebook's redesign? It'll get rid of many of the lists on the left-hand side of the News Feed, including "Friends," "Photos," and "Groups." The Facebook Graph Search bar will stick around, but look much larger.

Here's how redesign will look, if all goes as planned this time round.

And it looks pretty good to us. It's elegant, it's not cramped, and it looks clean. It's also miles better than the original redesign Facebook proposed last year, which looked like this...

Er... no. We're glad Facebook took it in a different direction.

The redesigned News Feed began rolling out Thursday morning.

Images: Facebook