E!’s New Show ‘The Royals’ Is Like Prince William & Blair Waldorf Had A Baby

E!, the channel where there's a thin line between reality and fiction, is attempting to confuse us even further. E! has ordered The Royals starring Elizabeth Hurley as their first scripted series. No, Keeping Up with the Kardashians doesn't count. Rich Kids of Beverly Hills doesn't count either. This one is not just scripted in that it's obviously scripted, it's scripted in that they're admitting it's scripted.

The Royals will follow a fictional British royal family because if it was based on a realistic royal family, they couldn't all be young and hot. Hurley will play Queen Helena and this show is going to have to do some explaining as to how the queen happens to be in her 40s and look like a model. The show will also star Vincent Regan, Alexandra Park, Tom Austen, Jake Maskall, Ukweli Roach, Oliver Milburn, and William Moseley.

E!'s vice president of original programming and development, Jeff Olde, said of the show, "The Royals will offer a fictional look behind the very public gilded facade of the palace gates to imagine the private, lush, fun, sexy world of the most-watched celebrity family on the planet." To me, it sounds like Gossip Girl if it were just the parts about Blair Waldorf wooing Prince Louis. This association might also stem from Elizabeth Hurley's role on GG, but either way, I'm pretty sure I'm on board with this concept.

It's going to be over-the-top, it's going to be full of unrealistic drama, and it's going to be full of characters stabbing each other in the back. Further support for this idea comes from the fact that the show's creator and writer, Mark Schwahn, and executive producers, Brian Robbins and Joe Davola along with Schwahn, all worked on One Tree Hill. This thing just screams CW, but also has that voyeuristic touch that E! so loves. "We are excited that E!’s first original scripted series will transport viewers into a world that they are already intensely interested in, but reality cameras would never give them access to," Olde said.

You'll have to wait a while before seeing this royal family for yourself. The Royals will premiere in 2015.