Kylie Jenner Just Announced The Launch Of Kyshadow

King Kylie is now expanding her beauty empire passed the world of lippies and into the exciting realm of eye shadows. Kylie Jenner's Kyshadow palette will be coming soon, much to the excitement of our makeup bags. According to her website, The Kylie Jenner, she's been working on this secret project for months and is finally ready to unleash the glamorous, neutral-toned kit onto her legions of fans. Entitled "The Bronze Palette," It comes with nine colors, with shadows varying in different shades of smoky to light browns. According to Jenner in a video announcement, the kit is "her baby" and she has been using the palette herself everyday for the past five to six months to create her flawless makeup looks.

She mentions that every time we saw her expertly made up face on Snapchat or Instagram, it was using this Bronze kit. The shadows are supposed to be very long lasting and easy to blend, making this a workhorse of a makeup kit.

And while right now the palette features subtle tones of bronze and browns, she did mention on her video that this was her "first" palette. This means there just might be more in the works!

It makes sense, doesn't it — just like how she launched fun shades of blues and metallics for her Lip Kits, she can launch crazier shades for her eye shadows. But let's take it one step at a time for now. Watch the video on her site to see the exciting news for yourself!

And since Jenner mentioned that she's been using the palette in her own makeup routines, here are some photos from her Instagram where she might just be rocking the shades. Here she's sporting a burnt sienna/ rust-like shade that's full of pigment.

While here she has a barely-there sweep of light brown for a more natural look.

Or for when you want smokier smudging around your lash line, the palette can help you achieve that look as well.

As you can see, it can work as hard or as light as you want it to. Definitely an investment for our makeup routine!