Is Kylie's Kyshadow Palette Matte?

With Kylie Jenner's exciting new announcement of the upcoming Kyshadow Palette, our next obvious question would be, will the Kyshadow Palette be matte? After all, she's made a name for herself in the beauty industry with her genius over matte products, so it would only make sense that she keeps up that trend, right?

Well, yes and no. According to her announcement video on her website The Kylie Jenner, the kit's formula is created in a way where there will be no dusty fallout when applying the colors, ensuring that you'll have a clean and smooth application, which is in line with matte products. But there are a couple of colors in there that bring on a wet-like shimmer.

While the kit is mostly built around soft and packed colors of bronze, there are hues like "Jasper" and "Quartz" that add a glittery shimmer to the palette. "Jasper" is a white, pearly highlighter color that's perfect to use underneath eyebrows and on the inside of the eyes for a pop of light. "Quartz" is a champagne color that works well with Jasper in further bringing shimmer to the eye, and is meant to act as a base for the more matte hues of the kit. It helps to brighten and make the eyes feel wider, hence the translucent-like feel to them.

While Jenner did think to put in these highlighters into her palette (which is an important part of creating the perfect smoky eye, after all,) the majority of her kit boasts matte color options, bringing you the best of both worlds. The matte shades vary between different degrees of light and dark browns, along with orange and rust shades to help you create depth and dimension. Her aim was to create a bronze color palette, but she also included those highlighters, along with darker shades that could be used as eyeliners and lash-line-enhancers.

Jenner mentioned in her announcement video that for the past half year she's only been wearing the eye shadow palette across her various social media platforms, so taking a quick scroll through her Instagram will show just how matte the shadows really are. Here you can see her orange and rust-inspired colors at play:

While in this photo you can glean as to how soft and glowy you can make your subtle smoky eye:

It appears that Jenner once again knocked it out of the park with her matte products — this palette will definitely be an investment for the makeup drawer!