Why Did Rob Delete Blac Chyna From His Instagram?

On Monday, the Kardashians made headlines once again when news spread that Rob Kardashian got rid of everything Blac Chyna-related from his Instagram. Obviously, the most logical explanation would be the two broke up (Bustle has reached out to the Kardashian rep for comment, but has yet to hear back at this time), but there could be several other reasons. So, why did Rob Kardashian delete Blac Chyna from his Instagram? Update: Kardashian has now deleted all of his photos from Instagram.

Earlier: Even though Kardashian's move of erasing all evidence of Chyna from Instagram is mysterious for sure and says, "Yeah, we broke up," let's take notice that he got rid of every other photo except for one of himself that he shared in July.

Also, the fact that Chyna still has photos of Kardashian across her Instagram speaks volumes as well. The two, who are expecting their first child together and are engaged (maybe?), could very well still be together. I mean, if they did truly go their separate ways, wouldn't the former Keeping Up With the Kardashians star only get rid of the photos with Chyna? And, wouldn't Chyna possibly delete Kardashian from her IG? So, yeah, a breakup might not be the answer here.

Maybe, just maybe, the 29-year-old sock designer wants a completely fresh start on Instagram? Maybe he just liked that one remaining photo and thought he looked good in it, and thought that the others just had to go. Hey, it's possible.

Another reason for the deleting spree could be related to privacy. Despite filming an E! reality series titled Rob & Chyna which will let the world in on his life, there's also a good chance that Kardashian wants his privacy to remain private. Instagram is another way to document your life, so maybe he just decided that it wasn't getting too personal for him. After doing the docuseries, he may have come to the conclusion that he needed to cut back on the social media and keep his personal life a bit closer to the chest, especially since he will be a father soon.

Or, you know, maybe Kardashian is just over Instagram? Though, wouldn't he have just deleted his account altogether? Who knows, but Kardashian definitely has fans in a tizzy and very concerned about his relationship status.