I Tried To Finally Rid Myself Of Underarm Itch

by Toria Sheffield

I shave on a pretty regular basis. And for those of you who are also accustomed to shearing particularly delicate areas, you'll know this means I'm also routinely plagued by underarm itching caused by said shaving. In fact my underarms — not to mention several other pretty important areas on my body — are irritated so very much of the time that it has sort of just become something I've learned to live with, like seasonal allergies. I've come to accept a regular state of vague annoyance and discomfort.

So when I came across Monistat's new Chafing Relief Powder Gel, a skin protectant gel designed to protect skin from chafing and general irritation, I figured I didn't have anything to lose. I was kind of at my wit's end after a particularly hot and sweaty week in which I was surreptitiously trying to scratch my armpits all day long for several days (sexy, I know). Not to mention they felt bumpy and irritated to the touch. Plus, I was definitely intrigued by claims that the product was non-greasy, which is what usually deters me from using lotions and gels on a daily basis.

Monistat Complete Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel, $6, Amazon

So it was with high hopes, but not necessarily high expectations, that I decided to give the Relief Powder Gel a shot and document the process for anyone else out there who might be struggling with bothersome skin irritation brought on by chafing or shaving.

1. Unpacking The Product

This is what the product looks like out of the box. Pretty simple and unassuming, but if it ends up doing the trick, that's fine by me!

2. I Scrutinize It

Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel has zero discernible smell, which is great because I have sensitive skin and often don't react well to products with added fragrance. I then test some of the product out on my hand. It looks a lot like Vaseline, but as you can see, it absorbs super quickly and doesn't have a shiny or greasy residue. I'm pleasantly surprised.

3. I Get To Shaving

No, I'm not usually this excited about this step. But I like experiments.

4. I Apply The Chafing Relief Powder Gel

I decide my right arm will be the "control" arm, in which I don't use any itch relief product after I shave. My left arm is the one I choose to apply the product to after each shave, as well as any time I feel itching or discomfort. My cat is also clearly fascinated.

5. My Two-Day Check In

After applying the product for two days straight — once right after I shaved, and another time the next day just because — I already am noticing a big difference. My right underarm area is experiencing the usual total irritation and itchiness, whereas I'm not really noticing my left arm at all.

6. My Four-Day Check In

After four days of the same routine (and another shave on day three) the results are still holding up. My right underarm (the non-gel arm) bothers me off and on throughout the day as it usually does, whereas my left underarm remains blissfully non-itchy. I'm tempted to take the tube of Chafing Relief Powder Gel out of my purse to apply it to my right underarm, but resist for the sake of the experiment. You're welcome, world!

7. My Day-Seven (And Final) Check In

And... the results held up throughout the entire experiment! The underarm without any product continues to drive me crazy, whereas the side with the daily (sometimes twice daily) application of the gel feels significantly less itchy. And when my left side did start to feel a little uncomfortable, a quick reapplication instantly brought on relief.

My final assessment is a resounding recommendation for the product if chafing and after-shave itchiness is a regular problem for you. In addition to loving that something finally solved my after shaving itching dilemma, I personally loved that the gel absorbed into my skin almost instantly and left literally no residue. Needless to say, I'm officially converted!

Images: Courtesy Of Toria Sheffield