How Kylie Wears The Bronze Kyshadow Palette

Talk about hiding in plain sight! Kylie Jenner has been wearing her Bronze Kyshadow palette every single day for the past five to six months. The makeup mogul revealed in a tutorial on her subscription-based app that she has worn these eyeshadows in every Snapchat video and Instagram post. Since she is a power user of those services, that's a LOT of images!

The Bronze Kyshadow palette is the first of several shadow collections and it launches on Tuesday, July 26 at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT. The palette hosts nine shades in the bronze and neutral family. You get everything from gorgeous browns to a "can't miss" charcoal black to a do-it-all pink quartz to a spectacular orange. Expect to hit pan on all of these hues, since you can create innumerable custom, smoldering, smoky, and autumnal eye looks with this palette.

A quick review of a handful of social media pictures of Jenner and her eye makeup demonstrates the insane versatility of the Bronze Kyshadow palette. You can do so much with these colors. Don't fear an orange eyeshadow, either. Jenner herself uses it to highlight other colors in the palette, to make them pop, and to shape her eye. Embrace the orange — in this case, Citrine.

Let's observe the bronzy eye makeup looks created with Bronze Kyshadows, shall we?

The Kyshadow shades are so fab. Here is how to wear 'em, as evidenced by Kylie Jenner herself.

While I was semi-besotted by Jenner's head-hugging bob, check out her sunset smoky eye. The orange shadow is bold and bright but it's not too much.

The shades in the Bronze Kyshadow palette were buffed and blended in a much softer way. While I was totally noticing the strawberry Kristen Lip Kit color at first, a second look finds me loving the warmth of her eye makeup.

Ignore the screen siren, bombshell scarlet lips for a hot second. The Bronze Kyshadow palette looks totes different here, thanks to the brow bone highlight and the buildable brown on her lids.

The Bronze Kyshadow palette pairs perfectly with the summer Lip Kit shades — in this case, Ginger!

What a combo — cool-toned nude lips via Maliboo and an almond-shaped, bronzy eye.

Jenner rocked her Dolce K Lip Kit here. While unconfirmed, I am thinking that has to be the Bronze Kyshadow palette on her lids. I love that soft, buffed lashline wing. She said she has rocked it in every post for the past several months, so it's a logical conclusion.

The teen was heavily bronzed and making a statement with gothic, deep blue lips. But let your eyes drift upwards and you'll notice a bronzy eye shadow, too.

The Bronze Kyshadow palette is endless when it comes to possibilities.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (8)