'Sin City 2' Trailer Features Bloody Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Half-dressed Jessica Alba

It seems like the last time Sin City was recent I was a high school freshman vaguely tittilated that is showed Alexis Bledel out of her goody two-shoes Rory Gilmore roots. That's because the last time Sin City was recent was, as my high school freshman self would say, a hella long time ago. Regardless, the sequel is finally happening now, and the first trailer for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For is here. The movie actually filmed two years ago in Austen and was scheduled for an Oct. 2013 release, but after delays the date they landed on was Aug. 2014. The film has Jessica Alba reprising her role as Nancy Callahan, Bruce Willis as John Hartigan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as new character Johnny, Nashville's Powers Booth as Senator Roark, and a lot more, including Lady Gaga as a waitress.

As with the first film, this one's based off of the Sin City series by Frank Miller. This one's got the tagline "The town's most hard-boiled citizens cross paths with some of its more reviled inhabitants," which tells us absolutely nothing. It is, however, just as noir-y and stylized as it ever was, which tells you enough.

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Image: Troublemaker Studios