Is Instagram Down? Here's The Latest

by Megan Grant

If you've noticed that Instagram seems to be malfunctioning, you aren't alone. As of Monday night, thousands of users started reporting that the social media app was crashing for them. Because we all need a way to share pictures of our mixed coffee beverages, most of us are asking the same question: As of right now, is Instagram down? Bustle has reached out to Instagram for comment and will update if or when we hear back; in the meantime, though, the question still remains.

The easiest way to find out whether the popular photo-sharing app is down is to hop on Instagram and check it out yourself. Mine seems to be working fine, although every time I open the app, my newsfeed is showing the same (very) old photos and needs a second to refresh. After that, it looks like business as usual.

But while reports of malfunctioning issues definitely dove after the initial discovery, it looks like they're on a bit of a climb again. According to Down Detector's current report of Instagram, the platform first experienced about 22,872 reports, which quickly went down to 1,075 around midnight Tuesday. As of Tuesday morning, however, the number of reports is up to about 5,087. A lot of the comments on Down Detector reveal that many users either experience the app crashing as soon as they open it (returning them to their home screen), or the inability open it to begin with at all.

There's also Is It Down Right Now?, which automatically pings websites to check their performance. Everything is looking peachy for Instagram — a quick and speedy response, and the suggestion that the problem might be on the user's end — but again, the comments section begs to differ.

According to the International Business Times, reinstalling the app if you're experiencing any difficulties might fix the issue; however, while this technique has worked for some, others report continuing to experience the issue, even after reinstalling. Other users have said that they can't even reinstall Instagram, as it's missing from the app store — but for what it's worth, Instagram is definitely available in both the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store as of this writing, so I'm unsure about whether reports of it being missing are accurate.

So, folks, if you're one of the people still having problems, know that Instagram is aware of the issue and is working on fixing any bugs. In the meantime, you'll just have to enjoy your coffee drink without, you know, posting pictures of it.