How To Get More Great Balls In "Pokemon Go"

by Mary Grace Garis

One of the great modern frustrations in a Post-"Pokemon Go" world is encountering a high CP Jynx or Jigglypuff and being fresh out of Great Balls. Oh, sure, you can drain your surplus of Poké Balls and waste a few Razz Berries on the critters, but it's an uphill encounter, at best. So you may have found yourself wondering, "how can you get more Great Balls in 'Pokemon Go'?" Well, I'm sure it's no surprise that the quest to acquiring Great Balls is similar to acquiring Poké Balls... but perhaps at a bigger price.

Unfortunately, this isn't a literal price: once you've unlocked Great Balls at Level 12, you may want to run over to the PokéShop and stock up. As of right now — or at least from what I've seen from my station at Level 19 — only standard Poké Balls are available for purchase. Save your pennies for a Lucky Egg or something nice.

The more ideal option, anyway, is getting Great Balls at PokéStops. After Level 12, you'll be eligible to get Great Balls as a PokéStop gift when you spin the medallion at your town's most exciting Wine Academy. In a perfect world, this will be a flawless method to stock up on items, and it's always the first method I would encourage players to try out, especially if you live in a PokéStop rich area. If you don't, though, there's going to be significant frustration when you travel from Stop to Stop and end up with a multitude of revives.

Pro Tip: if you're not a chronic battler, feel free to relieve yourself of Potions and Revives periodically. All you need to do is click the trash icon next to the item and select a number to get rid of (I usually get rid of a quarter or a half of my stock). While this isn't a way to get more Great Balls specifically, it's a way to insure that you'll have enough room in your bag for Poké and Great Balls by cutting out the excess. Trust me, nobody likes getting turned down at a potentially generous PokéStop because they're weighed down by a bunch of stuff they don't use. This goes for an extraneous amount of Razz Berries; helpful as they can be for catching, they're not a longterm fix.

The next option is more of a longterm solution than a quick fix, but it needs to be mentioned. A good way to get a wealth of Great Balls is by leveling up. Now, this isn't really a viable solution if you're 15,000 XP points away from leveling up and unable to catch anything (which would, of course, be an easier way to get XP). However, if you're a baby's whisper away from hitting that next level, now is the time to act. Incubate a low km egg and walk around, or find spare Weedles to evolve. This can absolutely be done so long as you're a bit creative, and hey, once you reach Level 20 you finally get to Ultra Balls.

But one anxiety at a time. Right now, as long as you have the free time to hit up PokéStops, make sure that you have room for your wares, and/or work on bolstering up your XP, you should be able to get your hands on some Great Balls.

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