15 Awesome Book Apps Every Book Lover Needs To Download ASAP

As a book lover, it's difficult to keep up with all the new books being released — but these book-related apps certainly make it a lot easier. Even though I'll always be a traditional hardcover book lover, I do read books on my e-reader and listen to audiobooks from time to time on my phone. In my mind, it seems that real books will never go out of style, but that doesn't mean we can't keep up with technology that makes it easier and more convenient to read.

My phone is full of downloaded books, and I have my ever-growing TBR list jotted down in multiple places. Not to mention, I've taken screenshots of so many pictures of books that I just find pretty (don't judge me). Needless to say, my phone has become my go-to resource for finding out new reads. I can keep track of my reading on Goodreads, look for new books on Instagram or Litsy, or even get a suggestion with the Bustle app!

If you're also equally in love with all the different sorts of ways you can show your love for books — reviewing them online, keeping track of what you've read, and even showing off your cute bookshelf, you most definitely need these 15 apps:

1. Litsy

Book-lovers, Litsy is about to become your new BFF. This app allows you to track which books you've read, want to read, and are currently reading, while also allowing you to update your page with pictures, thoughts, and quotes from your current read. It's a beautiful, simple app that lets you share your love for books in a fresh new way.

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2. Goodreads

Goodreads is the best place to share your book reviews, learn about new books, stay up-to-date on your favorite authors, and track all the books you've read in your lifetime.

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3. Shelfie

Shelfie is pretty much what it sounds like — take a photo of your bookshelf and the app will digitize your library for you. If that doesn't sound completely amazing, the app also lets you know which books are available in ebook and audiobook form. You can also browse other book-lovers' bookshelves for recommendations, and it gives you a chance to show off your incredible collection.

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4. Libib

Similar to Shelfie, Libib is a library catalogue that allows you to scan in your books, along with your movies, music, and video games. If you need an easy and reliable place to keep all of your media, this is the app for you.

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5. Serial Box

If you adore podcasts and books, Serial Box is a must-have. Week after week, new episodes of drama stories are released, and you have the option to listen or read (or do both). Just like your favorite TV shows, there's around 10-16 episodes — each around 40 minutes long — and there's a new season every year.

Subscription fee: $1.59 per episode

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6. We Read Too

This book resource app showcases hundreds upon hundreds of books written by authors of color that all include characters of color. This is a must for anyone who supports the #WeNeedDiverseBooks movement.

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7. Scribd

Scribd is simply one of the best book apps on the market. While it does come with a monthly price tag (though it is less than one paperback book), the cost is well worth it if you're an avid e-reader and audiobook lover. You can also read comics, sheet music, and other documents with the app.

Membership: $8.99 per month

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8. OverDrive

If you can't afford a monthly subscription service, you're in luck: OverDrive is a free app that allows you to borrow ebooks, audiobooks, and streamed video from your local libraries. There's no late fees since the books are returned automatically. Plus, you can create your own wish list and place certain books on hold.

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9. Free Books

Is there anything better than free books? If you've been meaning to catch up on some classics, check out this app.

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10. Wattpad

Whether you've been introduced to the growing world of self-publishing or not, Wattpad is here to show you the way. It's a community of writers and readers, and a place to share thoughts, read something new, or take a crack at writing something yourself.

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11. Gerty

Like jotting down notes while you're reading? Consider downloading Gerty, a place to keep track of the books you've read, are currently reading, and want to read. This app makes it easy to take notes as you read — a great resource for those who read for work (like me!).

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12. Downpour

I'm a big fan of Audible, and when I found Downpour, an app that takes your audiobook experience to new levels, I was stoked. You can set sleep timers (this was super helpful for me since I usually listen to books when I'm too tired to read), and it allows you to bookmark certain spots that you loved or wanted to go back to at some point.

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13. Reco

Do you love recommending books to your friends and family? Are you constantly trying to find the next best book to read? Reco is all about sharing and recommending books within a book-loving community.

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14. BookShout

Bookshout makes reading faster. The app is integrated with Spritz speed-reading technology, which helps break down text and allow you to read it more quickly. The app will be able to pinpoint how fast you read, and it can even give you an estimate for how long it will take you to read a certain book. Oh, and it also comes with over 100,000 free e-books to choose from. So, what are you waiting for?

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15. Audible

Audiobooks are perfect for times when you can't physically look at a book — like when you're cleaning or booking or running. The service is $14.95 per month, and it includes one audiobook per month plus 30% off additional books.

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Images: Apple iTunes; Pixabay