Tina Fey Tells The World About Her Worst Audition Ever, For McDonalds

Let's start this by saying something we've all known for approximately forever: Tina Fey is a gorgeous woman. Just straight-up beautiful, no matter how many self-deprecating jokes she makes or how often Jack Donaghy tried to convince Liz Lemon otherwise. She is also someone who has been in show business for a long time, and before she moved to New York and lost a bunch of weight while working for Lorne Michaels she went on a lot of auditions that didn't go anywhere. It's standard Hollywood procedure, really, but when Tina Fey tells you about her worst audition experience you sit down and you listen, because she's Tina Fey and you'll either learn something or you'll laugh, or at least be very charmed.

This story she told to The Tonight Show as an extra feature of her appearance on said show. It involves McDonalds, her famous scar, and Fey in her pre-Saturday Night Live life in Chicago, going on auditions with all her peers (which you can picture at the time as Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, and a whole buncha other funny probably-famous-now people). One day her scar caused her some trouble in a McDonalds audition, and that is the story she tells here.

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