Ariana Grande & Her Boyfriend Are Apparently Dunzo

Ariana Grande has kept her dating life pretty low key post-Big Sean, and I don't blame her. Hollywood relationships are hard enough even when you aren't constant tabloid fodder. Unfortunately though, despite maintaining a semi-private relationship with Ricky Alvarez, their alleged breakup is still making news. As per a source to Entertainment Tonight, Grande and Alvarez, have reportedly ended things. But, don't be upset for the singer. She doesn't appear to be wallowing over it herself. And I say, more power to her.

The site points out some of Grande's more recent, cryptic tweets, and if they are what they seem to be about, then she really is doing quite fine. Or, at the very least, doesn't want her fans to be too worried about it. As Grande's proven in the past, she's someone who takes break ups in stride. It's an admirable quality, really. I wasn't in the spotlight and I don't think I could handle something so major with nearly enough poise. But hey, that's why Grande's the celeb and I am just a mere mortal. She's equipped for this kind of thing, I suppose. Besides, she's pretty preoccupied with playing Pokemon Go at the moment.

Alright, alright, before I go off on a Pokemon Go tangent, let's get back to the real issue at hand. What are the tweets that are assumed to be of the subtweet variety over the break up? Well, first let me tell you that they certainly are vague, but I see where the publication is coming from. On July 23rd, Grande apparently tweeted and then deleted this sentiment, "Change. feelin free. happy. Banginnnnnnn." *Raises eyebrow* But, while that may be gone from the Twittersphere, she fortunately left up these two telling tweets for us sleuths:

Listen, I'm not an expert on relationships or anything being that I am very, very single, but those musings kind of speak for themselves, don't they? I think they do. You know, then there's also the whole thing where ET explains that she also allegedly deleted the trace of Alvarez off her Instagram account. So, yeah, the two do seem to be over for real, maybe. But, I suppose we'll have to wait to hear from Grande herself on whether or not it's official.