7 Baby Names From Neil Gaiman Books

by Caitlin White

It's probably safe to say that if you're a huge Neil Gaiman fan already, you have the imagination to give your children out-of-the-box names to begin with. If you want to show your fandom even more, choose baby names from Neil Gaiman books based on your favorite characters. Let's just hope your partner, if you go that baby-making/adopting route, is also a huge Gaiman fan.

You could pick some names that you know are Gaiman inspired, but really could be any old name. I'm talking about characters like Jack, Scarlett, Timothy, and Eve. Or you could go full cray baby name with characters like Delirium, Desire, or, ahem, Death — though I wouldn't recommend it. You do you. These Neil Gaiman baby names ride the middle; they're unique and imaginative, but they aren't completely wacko. And they'll definitely stand out as names from Gaiman's comics, children's books, and novels.

Gaiman's characters are often born from mythology, so beware, your baby names are probably going to have a lot of history and meaning. (Just avoid Despair and Lucifer, k?) Who doesn't love having a story behind the name that you can tell them when they grow up?

If you're not planning on having a child, throw these Gaiman-inspired baby names to some of your besties if you want them to have a badass nerd for a child.

1. Coraline from Coraline

If you give your daughter Neil Gaiman's titular character Coraline's name, you can cross your fingers she'll grow up just as inquisitive, adventurous, and resourceful as her namesake. Just keep an eye on her.

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2. Una from Stardust

This faerie slave girl — spoiler! — turns out to be Tristran's birth mother and the only daughter of the Lord of Stormhold. The name is short and sweet, and it hides so much more behind its simplicity, just like the character.

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3. Silas from The Graveyard Book

OK if you're a true fan of The Graveyard Book you could name your kid Nobody, but you might be better off showing your love by using the name Silas, Bod's caretaker, instead. He may be mysterious, but he sure is loyal.

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4. Nuala from The Sandman

This Sandman character has a complicated history as a beautiful faerie and a simple housekeeper (not to mention a Morpheus crusher), but one thing is for certain: her name is beautiful.

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5. Calliope from The Sandman

Obvi Neil Gaiman didn't invent the name Calliope, but he did use it quite memorably in his Sandman comic series. In myths, Calliope is a muse, and in Sandman, her titular story has become the subject of so many copycats. The captured muse Calliope is rescued by her former lover Morpheus after she calls for revenge against the writer who imprisoned her.

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6. Yvaine from Stardust

It might be a bit out of the box, but who wouldn't want a name synonymous with "evening star"?

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7. Zorya from American Gods

Speaking of "evening star," the Zorya sisters in in mythology and American Gods are protectors, watching the hound chained to Polaris, because if he ever breaks free, he'll consume the entire world.

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8. Tristran from Stardust

The movie changed his name to Tristan, which does roll of the tongue a bit more (and relates to the Tristan & Isolde tale), but show your true Neil Gaiman love by sticking with the original.

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