Rami & Sami Malek Are Twin & Bae Goals

One of my pivotal celebrity crush moments was when I watched indie film Short Term 12 and was introduced to Rami Malek. I knew this guy was going to be a star, because he was talented and painfully attractive, and the whole country started to jump on the Malek train when he began starring as Elliot Alderson in the groundbreaking USA series Mr. Robot. All was fine and well in my crushing on Rami Malek world until I learned something that would change everything: Rami Malek has a twin brother, Sami Malek, and he is just as impressive as his actor brother. Naturally, learning this information meant that I needed to see them together, so I tracked down some photos of Rami and Sami Malek so everyone can behold their beauty for themselves.

Sure, being his identical twin, I had an idea of what Sami would look like, and he's really, really attractive. I also learned that Sami is a middle school ESL teacher in Los Angeles, so my swoon levels for these two consequently reached epic proportions. Seriously, who are these guys' parents? The twin brothers also seem to have a very close and supportive relationship throughout the years, which is super sweet.

Here are some photos to celebrate Rami and Sami Malek.

1. When They Looked Dapper In Their Suits

And even better...

2. When They Rocked Matching Ones As Kids

3. When They Shared A Cute Family Moment

Get this: Their sister, Tami, is an ER doctor!

4. When Sami Made A Cameo On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

5. And The Appearance Also Gifted Us This Gif

6. When They Were Adorably Confused

Who's who? Who cares! (OK, I actually do care...)

7. When Rami Was The Twin Who Loved To Wear Hats

I don't mind this one bit.

8. And Even More Hats

Maybe they did this so people could tell them apart?

9. When They Were Deep In Twin Convo

They definitely look like BFFs.

10. When They Chilled By The Pool

Just a couple of (literal) bros hanging out.

11. When They Shared Some Vino

...and probably intellectual conversation because they seem perfect like that.

12. When They Kept It Casual And Cool

And look! Another hat!

13. When They Looked Like Studs At The Tribeca Film Festival

Don't try to tell me all black doesn't look especially good on them.

Rami and Sami Malek are both intelligent, talented, and beautiful, so I don't mind crushing on these two one bit!