Where Is Detective Holbrook on 'Pretty Little Liars' From? There's a Reason You Recognize Him

Pretty Little Liars is notorious for confusing your pretty little brain by throwing a ton of new characters into the mix every season. Luckily, most of them are extremely attractive, so we're not exactly complaining. One particularly cute guy who has been gracing our screen Season 4 of Pretty Little Liars is Detective Gabriel Holbrook, the cop investigating Detective Wilden's murder, and the guy whose face was accidentally ran into by Hanna's lips a few episodes ago. While you know his place on the show, this guy may look a little familiar to you. Before you continue to rack your brain for where you know Holbrook from, let me spare you the time.

Detective Holbrook is played by the 31-year-old Sean Faris whom you definitely know if you've watched a teen movie in the past ten years. Were you into the movie Never Back Down? Faris played the former football star with an attitude problem who moves to Orlando and learns how to fight to properly channel his anger. (Like the Karate Kid, but way steamier.)

Or were you more interested in the soulful boy-next-door trope? Faris also tackled that role in movies like Sleepover (where he played Alexa Vega's love interest) and TV movie The Lost Valentine alongside Jennifer Love Hewitt. In the TV world, Faris also starred in the series Reunion and Life As We Know It, as well as had a recurring role on The Vampire Diaries.

Now that we know who Detective Holbrook is off-screen, we're dying to know how Holbrook fits into the overall mystery of Pretty Little Liars. Is he really the white knight Hanna thinks he is, or does he — like many of the secondary characters on the show — have a secret agenda far more nefarious than he lets on? With only TWO more episodes left of the season, I can't wait to find out.

Images: ABC Family