13 Tech Gifts For Guys Under $50

Growing up, I was surrounded by dudes who liked technology a little too much. My dad was a music techie and Star Trek fan, my brother built his own computers, and my friends had an unhealthy dependence on Super Smash Bros. Finding tech gifts that guys actually want can be a bit of a challenge, but at least this generation has it easier than people from last century. For one, they didn’t have listicles on the internet, and for another, their idea of technology was poppet valve gears for stationary steam engines.

If you’re looking for awesome tech gifts for men, keep in mind that practicality is the utmost of importance here. I’m well aware that guys come in all different types and personalities, but my experience with buying gifts for men has taught me that the best kind of gift is a useful one. I’m all about the candles, glass figurines, and decorative paper weights that clutter my shelves, but my boyfriend sees them as just that — clutter, and if he can’t actually use something, he doesn’t want it. Whether you’re buying for your dad, brother, boyfriend, or boy who’s a friend, check out these cool gifts for the tech guy in your life.

Indulge His Inner Kid With A Drone

Akaso RC Quadcopter with HD Camera , $38, Amazon

My boyfriend is obsessed with the idea of getting a drone, and this Akaso RC Quadcopter with an HD camera is one of the best deals you can get on an entry-level quadcopter. It’s got a built-in camera that records footage onto an SD card, and is made for steady flight and wind-resistance. This one’s also got a charge life of up to ten minutes on one battery, which is pretty good.

Break Into The World Of Virtual Reality

True Depth 3D VR Ultimus Goggles, $32, Amazon

Put your iPhone or Android straight into these True Depth 3D VR goggles, and use them to play games and watch movies in 3D virtual reality. They’re extra lightweight and comfortable, have a few really cool built-in features, and they’re some of the most reasonably priced VR goggles for the amount of high-tech quality you’re getting.

Support His Drunk Playlist With This Flask Speaker

iHome Rechargeable Flask Bluetooth Speaker , $33 (Was $40), Amazon

This epic iHome rechargeable bluetooth speaker looks like a flask, but instead delivers wireless, clear sound wherever you happen to be. It offers up to eight hours of loud sound, easily connects to any smart phone or device with a Bluetooth feature, and has a built-in microphone feature for hands-free calls. Also, no big deal, but the custom-carry case also comes with a bottle opener.

Help Him Showcase His Videos, Pictures, And Movies

Corprit Portable LED Projector , $50, Amazon

A gift hand-picked for the chronic video-sharer in your life, this Corprit Portable LED projector is small, lightweight, and tons of fun. With the right adaptor, you can attach it to your phone or computer to showcase your videos and pictures on any wall, screen, or flat surface. It’s also a great way to inspire some stay-at-home movie nights.

A Waterproof Speaker For Outdoor Listening (Or Shower Solos)

AYL Outdoor Waterproof Speaker , $27 (Was $70), Amazon

This rechargeable wireless waterproof speaker plays four times as long as you charge it, and its powerful bass is easy to hear, no mater what kind of recreational sports you're partaking in outdoors. One fan said, "This outdoor and shower Bluetooth speaker works great! I was actually shocked by the quality of of the sound."

Here’s A Charger For Your Favorite Star Wars Nerd

R2-D2 USB Car Charger , $42, Amazon

Not to generalize, but the vast majority of my guy friends are massive Star Wars fans, and that’s why this R2-D2 USB car charger makes for a practical yet amusing gift. It has two USB charging ports, so you can power all your devices in the car, and it’s got a 2 inch diameter on the bottom to fight right into your cup holder.

For The Cyclist, A Wireless Odometer

Bike Computer Speedometer, $17 (Was $40), Amazon

Another number-one best seller: This wireless odometer clicks right onto your bicycle, so that you can record speed and mileage, all while speeding down a bike trail. The wireless capability means not angle of cords to mess up the look of your handles, and the backlit feature means dusk riding is okay, too.

Turn That Blank Wall Into A Home Theater

LightInTheBox Mini Projector, $46 (Was $100), Amazon

For the dude that gets more excited about movie night than an evening out, this mini projector is all he needs to upgrade his usual laptop Netflix sessions. Reviewers say the built-in speakers are loud, the customer service is exceptional, and one added, "I really love the fact that I can use it at anytime (day or night) and can enjoy its perfect picture quality."

Keep Him Safe While He’s Driving

Heads Up GPS Display , $20 (Was $25), Amazon

This Heads Up GPS display is a sleek and practical way to make sure that your man is staying safe in the car. It attaches to your dashboard and reflects the navigation screen on your phone upwards, so you can see where you’re going while looking ahead. It fits almost every popular model of smart phone, and reviewers say it’s reliable, useful, and very cool.

Give Him Pocket-Sized, Portable Entertainment

Mini Quadcopter, $34 (Was $80), Amazon

This mini quadcopter has three different flight speed modes and can do 360-degree rolls in midair. Plus, it even has a camera to shoot video and pictures.

Let Him Listen Anytime, Anywhere

Sentey Wireless Foldable Headset, $29 (Was $90), Amazon

These are the best-selling over-ear headphones on Amazon, and with wireless function, the ability to fold up for compact storage, and and in-line mic, they're a necessity for any gamer.

Turn Any Smart Phone Into A Professional Camera

AUKEY Ora Clip-On Smarkphone Lens , $30 (Was $35), Amazon

This awesome AUKEY Ora clip-on smarkphone lens turns any smart phone into a professional-level camera with a simple clip. The rubber grip lining won’t leave any scratches on your phone, but it will allow you to take beautiful landscape pictures or selfies with its included wide and macro lenses. One reviewer puts it simply: “Amazing Photos!”

Give Him Peace Of Mind With WiFi Camera Security System

D-Link Day & Night WiFi Camera, $40 (Was $90), Amazon

This motion- and sound-activated WiFi camera can guard your place while you're out for the day, and its ability to see 16 feet of night vision means you're covered after dark, too. If it senses a disturbance, it'll send you a push notification, and one reviewer even said this device helped capture a description for "an uninvited person at our back door at 3:30am" for the police.

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