10 Ways To Create The Perfect Reading Nook

by Julia Seales

As a child, I dreamed of having a window seat. I imagined that it would be the perfect place to curl up and read for hours on end (since I couldn't actually live in a book). The only problem? There were no window seats in my house. In fact, I’ve never lived in an apartment or house that actually had a window seat. This doesn’t mean that I can’t have the perfect reading nook, though. Yes, it would be amazing to have a window seat, or winding staircase leading to a Victorian-style tower with books floor to ceiling, or a library that you live in. Yes, it would be lovely to purchase an entire bookstore and move in. But sometimes you have to be practical and work with what you do have (while of course hoping that one day you’ll live in one of those paradises).

Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can create a reading nook with the space that you have. You don’t have to alter the structure of your home to make a space dedicated to your favorite books. All you need is a few items, a comfortable area, and lots and lots of books. So here are a few ways to create the perfect reading nook:

1. Decorate With Literary-Inspired Pillows

A reading nook needs to be comfortable, since you'll definitely be spending hours there — so some comfortable, literary-inspired pillows are a necessity. You can find these colorful library pillows from

Library Card Pillows, $30, Etsy

2. Store Your TBR Pile On A Cool Shelf

You could store your TBR pile in a... well, pile, or you could display it on a cool shelf. I'm a fan of this pipe bookshelf if you want to add a touch of modern chic to your reading nook.

Industrial Pipe Bookshelf, $139, Etsy

3. Turn Your Nook Into An Enchanted Forest

I've always wanted to live in an enchanted forest... and this tree bookshelf is definitely a step in the right direction. Store your books on the branches for a fairy-tale-inspired twist to your reading nook.

Natural Edge Tree Bookshelf, $875, Etsy

4. Make Use Of Unexpected Spaces

I wish I could have unlimited bookshelves, but sadly, I have limited space. If you're in the same boat, try storing your books in unexpected places.

Industrial Reclaimed Wood Spool Coffee Table, $319, Rustoregon on Etsy

5. Set Aside Space Using A Canopy Curtain

Sometimes you just need a space of your own to escape into a book, and a canopy curtain can help with that. Hang it anywhere to create a reserved space for reading.

Mosquito Net Bed Canopy , $15, Amazon

6. Add Some Decorative Lighting

You've got to have light to read, so why not add some pretty string lights to your reading nook?

What A Bright Idea! String Lights, $30, ModCloth

7. Take Your Reading Nook Anywhere With A Portable Reading Light

Maybe you don't like to be confined while reading, and you like to wander. No worries! You can create a portable reading nook with the help of a small lamp.

Hooked On Books Light, $6, ModCloth

8. Curl Up With A Bookish Blanket

In addition to pillows, every great reading nook has got to have a cozy blanket. And if you have the chance to get one with a book-inspired print, you should definitely jump on that opportunity!

Harry Potter 'School Spirit' Tapestry Throw, $33, Barnes and Noble

9. Store Books Everywhere

So, you've packed as many shelves as possible into your room, and you still have piles of books that you just can't seem to fit? Never fear — you can even transform a staircase into a reading area.

Stairway, Custom Order, $250, Etsy

10. Add A Literary-Inspired Scent

Finally, no reading nook is complete without a candle (and a mug of tea, of course). This literary candle is actually called "reading nook," so I'd say it's pretty perfect.

Reading Nook Soy Candle, $12, Etsy

Image: Focus Features