Zendaya's Beauty Routine Will Totally Shock You

She may still technically be a teenager, but one thing's for sure: Zendaya is a full-fledged, world famous celebrity. Still, the actress, singer, model, designer, and activist is just as down-to-earth as she is glamorous, especially when it comes to her beauty routine. I spoke with the multi-hyphenate star at the CHI x Zendaya #REALisBEAUTIFUL event and picked her brain about her skincare, hair, and makeup regimen. Zendaya's beauty routine will totally surprise you.

"I really don't wear makeup on a daily basis," Zendaya tells me. Now, don't get her wrong — she loves herself a highlighter and dramatic lip, but Zendaya's usual routine involves only two things: a good moisturizer and a little lip balm. (Her favorite is CoverGirl's Oh Sugar! Vitamin Infused Lip Balm "because it gives your lip a tint, but it's not a lipstick and it's super moisturizing" she says.)

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Perhaps the reason her everyday look is so effortless is the fact that her face is totally flawless. But that's not an accident — Zendaya pays great attention to her skin. "My number one thing is all about your skin — you've got to take care of it," she tells me. "What I do might not work for other people, but I have my little routine and I try to stick to it."

Her skin wasn't always perfect, however. Zendaya has been very vocal about how she struggled with acne growing up (she was a former spokesperson for ProActiv), which is why it's crucial for her to take breaks from layering on the foundation and concealer. "I think a big thing is letting your skin breathe for a little bit. I love makeup, but sometimes you just got to let your skin rock and let it have a moment to breathe. I think that's what makes the best makeup application — when you give your skin a little breather."

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She maintains the same straightforward mantra for her hair, too. "If I wear my hair natural, I come out of the shower, leave it wet and use CHI styling cream. Then I scrunch it, use the diffuser, and just let nature take it's course," she says. "It just feels good...and I'm lazy."

Well, if this is what lazy looks like, take my palettes and lip kits and count me in.

Images: Courtesy of Siren PR