Sola Look x Depechegurl Liquid Lippie Is Unique

If it's matte, suede-look lips you desire, you have many options. There is a wealth of long-lasting, super-pigmented liquid lipsticks that dry down to a rich, shine-free finish and a velvet-texture. Kylie Lip Kits, Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks, and more get tons of attention, leading the matte charge. But there's an indie brand that has teamed with a digital influencer for a killer matte liquid lipstick that you need to know about. The Sola Look x Depechegurl liquid lippie will give you and your lips life! It also has a feature that stands out from the plethora of liquid lipsticks for one reason. What reason?

Oh, just the applicator wand. It's a long, flat brush head, rather than the usual doefoot shape, and that makes all the difference. You can use the tip to carefully trace your lips, almost like a lip liner, and then fill the center of your pucker in with product. You just have to be ginger. Allow the tip serve as a guide to follow and then fill in your natural pout.

It's a brilliant design. I would recommend using a clear lip liner first for further precision. But you don't have to.

Full disclosure: Sola Look sent me a sample of the vanilla cupcake-scented, rosy mauve lippie. I could not stop inhaling the decadent, sweet smell.

It's such a pretty shade that reminds me of the Posie K Lip Kit. The formula wears well and is breathable. That is, my pucker didn't feel "cakey" or dry an hour after applying.

Here is a close up of the long, flat wand. The length of the head gives you more controlled application. You can fully trace the outer perimeter of your pout first or you can merely use the tip as a guide. I did the latter and felt confident about how and where I was applying the lipstick.

This wand gives me all of the feels.

Please excuse my lipstick application squint. With this wand, you can apply and then spread and disperse the product.

It really acts as a tracing guide.

I like it better than the doefoot.

I especially dig the wand for the fuller, more voluminous bottom lip.

The color is a bit dark for me, but I like it. BTW, IDK WTF is going on with my hair in this pic!

I prefer to trace my lips with a clear liner when going with a dark, matte liquid lippie such as this. It prevents bleeding. But I love being able to use the applicator as a guide. Thanks, Sola Look!

Images: Sola Look (2); Amy Sciarretto (8)