The Toughest 'Would You Rather' Game Ever

Some of life's toughest decisions are between doing the right thing and making people happy. This conundrum comes up all the time — take it from a people-pleaser. Just imagine: If you were faced with a serious choice between the moral high ground and the easier option, what would you do? Most of us have the luxury of balancing the two, but some decisions truly are black and white.

We see tough decisions like this played out to seriously epic proportions in The Light Between Oceans. Set in Australia just after World War I, veteran Tom (Michael Fassbender) returns to his wife Isabel (Alicia Vikander) at their home on a remote coastal island where they keep the lighthouse. Their love is strong, pure, and enduring, but with the isolating life on the remote lighthouse island, they long for more. They finally have an opportunity to have the family they've always dreamed of, but it puts their principles to the test. The whole thing makes you wonder: once you find love, can you ever let it go?

In order to help you imagine the hypotheticals here, we've drawn up a series of head-scratching "would you rather" questions that put your head and your heart at odds. Make sure to catch The Light Between Oceans , in theatres Sept. 2.

Would You Rather...

You really can't help who you love, but in some cases, loving a particular person involves compromising your morals. For example, you might fall in love with someone who is married, or has a romantic history with your best friend, or someone who just asks you to do things that are against your principles. Still, love — it's the best! So what'll it be: love conquering all, or doing the right thing?

Would You Rather...

Nobody wants to live with the burden of a long-term secret, but there are certain things that are better left unsaid. In this writer's humble opinion, the latter sounds like the better option ('cause of the whole "not having to deal with pervasive secret anxiety" factor) — but what say you, Internet?

Would You Rather...

They say to follow your heart, but they also say to use your head. Ideally, one will balance the other and come to a responsible life decision. But in the event that you could only use one when dealing with life in general, which is preferable: making all your decisions based on intellect and high-mindedness, or based on your animalistic, instinctual feels?

Would You Rather...

A more "sorry, not sorry" approach may relieve you from that psychic burden of always being the apologetic one. But being that person who can't accept responsibility for anything won't gain you many friends. So, pick your poison: guilty over-apologizing, or proud, lone wolf?

Would You Rather...

For some people, a life full of longing is no life at all. For others, the weight of life-long guilt can crush you. Which ever your choice is, one thing's for sure: You might shed some tears in the decision making process.

This post was sponsored by Dreamworks' The Light Between Oceans. Make sure to catch The Light Between Oceans in theatres Sept. 2.

Images: Kaitlyn Shea O'Connor/ Bustle (5); Dreamworks