This Donald "Rump" T-Shirt Design Lets The World Know What An Ass You Think This Guy Is — PHOTOS

If you like, you can let everyone know just how much of an ass you think Republican nominee Donald Trump is by wearing a "Rump 2016" shirt, which replaces Trump's face with an artfully designed, well, rump. The shirt is the brainchild of Tony Tribby of Dead Bat Designs, who along with local artists, designs and screen prints custom clothing, stickers, and other specialty items. Tribby's selling the shirts at the DNC, among other places. His specialty for the 2016 election just so happens to be a picture of Trump with a butt imposed onto his face, which by most standards, is pretty damn cool.

Bustle caught up with Tribby at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week to discuss the artist's design and his (pretty obvious) feelings on the GOP candidate. He tells Bustle that the initial inspiration behind the design was simple. Tribby "just noticed if you left a letter off," Trump conveniently became "Rump." With the help of a local artist, the 49-year-old designed and began selling the t-shirt about three months ago (I've seen the shirt myself at local artist markets around the Washington D.C. area, just a few miles out from Tribby's Alexandria, Virginia home).

Bustle asks Tribby if we are right to assume that he would not be supporting Trump in the upcoming election, to which he laughs, "Yeah, I'd say that's safe to say." And while his design is definitely hilarious, his reasoning for not support the Republican candidate is a little more serious.

Though Tribby feels it's "really hard to say what's the biggest negative about Trump," he pointed to the candidate's recent discussion about NATO. Trump told the New York Times that the United States shouldn't automatically defend its NATO allies if they were under an attack. America's defense, he said, should be based around the condition of whether the country had paid its bills to the alliance.

Top officials warned that this was a dangerous misunderstanding of NATO, and Tribby agrees: "Trump's bombastic attitude would probably wind up getting us into a war... The fact that he doesn't support NATO would probably mean that Putin and Russia would be able to take over more of the world. I mean, even his campaign director used to promote the guy in the Ukraine that was Putin's ally, so there's even some question about whether there's not a real connection there."

Tribby also mentioned Trump's plans to roll back civil rights gains, such as marriage equality, as a reason he would never be able to support the candidate.

The artist's bottom line, though, was the former real estate mogul's history of shafting people he did business with: "If you look at his history, most of the things that he's done have failed, but have been set up in a way that he still made money even though everyone else suffered," Tribby said. "I don't think that's a good model for a president — somebody who's going to set up a system where he and the other people at the top benefit and everyone else gets screwed even more."

Many Americans fear the same thing would happen to the country should Trump be elected president. So, hopefully, come November 2016, we'll only be seeing Trump's face on Tribby's t-shirt.

Additional reporting and photographs by Emily Shirt and Alexi McCammond