Joe Biden Is Back On Twitter For HRC

Joe's back! In an election year when vice presidential running mates are announced over Twitter, and candidates tweet at each other constantly, it may come as a surprise that beloved Vice President Joe Biden recently took a 492 day Twitter hiatus — now that's a social media detox. But have no worries because as of Wednesday, Biden is back on Twitter, ready to elect Hillary Clinton as the next president of the United States. In fact, it seems as if the only reason Biden returned to the Twitterverse is to help Clinton campaign.

Biden's reason for returning to Twitter is not all that surprising — according to Politico, his account is run by the Democratic Party, and The Party obviously wants to do everything it can to help Clinton beat her opponent, Donald Trump this November. However, all tweets from the @JoeBiden account signed, "Joe," come from the Vice President himself, not just the party, and "Joe" has had quite a lot to say about electing Clinton over the last few days.

On Wednesday night, Biden tweeted, "I've seen Hillary in the Senate & the Situation Room. Clear-eyed. Steady. Understands working people. Exactly the leadership we need. –Joe," attesting to Clinton's readiness to be president. The tweet came just hours before the Vice President took to the stage at the Democratic National Convention to continue sharing his support of Clinton.

Just after five-thirty on Wednesday night, Biden relaunched his Twitter account, tweeting in support of Democrats in general, and acknowledging his Twitter-break: "It’s good to be back, folks. We've got less than 4 months until Election Day, and I need you with me. Let's go elect some Democrats. –Joe." It's good to have you back, too, Mr. Vice President!

The Clinton campaign seems pretty glad that Biden's back on Twitter, too, and tweeted at the Vice President multiple times during his DNC speech, sharing some of Biden's most memorable statements from the convention — Biden told stories of Clinton's competence and experience, and of course attacked Donald Trump multiple times, too.

@JoeBiden is not the Vice President's only Twitter handle. Biden is also on Twitter as @VP, his official Vice President account. However, Politico reported that tweets from the VP account are rarely signed by Biden himself — it seems as though the Vice President will be most active on Twitter from the @JoeBiden account as the November election approaches.

Considering Donald Trump's menacing — if not absurd — Twitter presence, and constant tweets condemning Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee can certainly use all the social media support she can get, and who could be a better Twitter ally than the Vice President? (Well, other than Elizabeth Warren, of course!) Biden's reactivated Twitter account just proves that the Vice President ready is ready to defeat Donald Trump, and help Hillary Clinton become the next president of the United States — now we just have to wait and see how long it takes for Biden to take down The Donald on Twitter, just like he did at the DNC on Wednesday night.