This Is Where Kim K Recommends Applying SPF

Skincare is no joke, no matter who you are. It’s important to go the full nine yards with your routine, too. So, I’m talking about moisturizing, sun protection and so much more. This Kardashian definitely understands the importance of taking care of your skin. So, when Kim Kardashian recommends putting sunscreen on your lips and hair (along with the rest of your body) you listen.

She took to her website to give a list of her favorite sunscreens, but she also imparted a key piece of advice. “I wear tons of sunscreen to protect my skin wherever I go — and not just on my body. There are a ton of great products to protect your hair, lips and face, too,” she wrote.

And this really is a great thing to keep in mind before heading outside each day. There are so many other essential steps that it is easy to neglect our pout and mane when applying sunscreen. But, thanks to Kim K, you don’t have to let that happen again! Check out these sun-protecting products that will keep your lips and tresses healthy and safe from UV damage. Get ready to take your summer beauty routine to the next level. Then, be sure to keep it up for the rest of the year, too!

Of course Kardashian's got the scoop on sunscreen application.

Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You don't wind up with a flawless face like this without it, you know?

1. Tinted Sun Protection

Fresh Sugar Lip Tinted Sunscreen SPF 15, $24, Sephora

Protecting your pout doesn't mean you have to go without color. This lipstick comes in 15 different shades and has an SPF factor of 15.

2. Moisturizing Sun Protection

Almay Age Essentials Lip Treatment With SPF 30, $10.99, Target

A lippie that will keep your lips soft and smooth while adding protection is just the kind of thing you need. This one is colorless, which makes it perfect for the days you decide to go for a minimal, sans product look.

3. Scented Sun Protection

Coola Liplux SPF 15 Vanilla Peppermint, $12, Ulta

Balm that moisturizes, protects and smells like vanilla peppermint? It just doesn't get better than that!

4. Color Care & Sun Protection

StriVectin Color Care UV Protective Spray, $29, Sephora

This mist will protect your hair from harmful sun damage and therefore prolong how long your color will last. So, all those of you who went lighter in color for summer, better go on and get yourself a bottle.

5. Great Smelling Sun Protection

Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume, $72, Barney's New York

Simply spritz your strands this perfume before heading outside to for an easy way to get sun protection, you know, even if you don't feel like actually styling your hair.

6. Hydrating Sun Protection

Phytoplage Protective Sun Oil, $30, Sephora

This oil will hydrate dry and damaged hair and protect it from the sun. Sounds like everything you need to help beat the heat, all wrapped into one.

7. Conditioning Sun Protection

Davines SU Protective Hair Conditioning Sun Milk, $27.99,

This can be applied as a leave-in conditioner to soften and protect for an entire day of wear.

Go on and get protection on those lips and luscious locks, you sun-bathed beauties! If Kim K recommends, I know I'm game. Aren't you?

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