Paulie & Zakiyah Hit A Rough Patch On 'BB18'

Until recently, the most under-the-radar couple on Big Brother 18 seemed to be growing closer everyday. Paulie and Zakiyah (also known as Zaulie) have been as heavy as two people can be while still on a game show on national television. They seem to really like each other, but have they taken things, as they say, to the next level? Did Paulie and Zakiyah have sex on Big Brother 18 ?

Zaulie hasn’t been widely featured on the TV episodes of Big Brother, but their relationship plays out heavily on the live feeds, where the houseguests can be viewed pretty much 24/7. I did some digging about what the Big Brother 18 superfans and critics are talking about and found nothing to suggest that Zaulie is doing the hibbity dibbity. You know why? Because if they had consummated their relationship, someone would have seen it.

There’s a camera in every single room of that house, in every single corner, and if anyone was sleeping with each other, viewers would know. You can’t floss your teeth in the Big Brother 18 house without someone knowing about it. We would see weird cover movements like we used to see on The Real World when a housemate brought a random person home. That hasn’t happened with Zaulie, so I think it’s safe to say that the most physical this relationship has gotten is cuddling, foot rubs, and some smooching.

To be honest, right now I'm actually concerned that the Zaulie showmance won't last the length of Big Brother 18. This week, Zakiyah got really upset when Paulie apparently rested his legs on Nicole and let Nicole play with his hair. Zakiyah said that where she comes from, that’s a sign of disrespect to your partner. Nicole apologized, but Zakiyah said that she wasn’t mad at Nicole — she was mad at Paulie for not knowing the line, and she said she’d sleep in Victor's bed, apparently in an attempt to make Paulie angry.

As a result, Paulie shot back to Victor and Corey, saying that if this is what Zakiyah acts like when you’re not even dating in the real world, what makes her think that he is going to put up with this when they get out of the house? He also added that he’s no one’s property and won’t deal with her — so not exactly a great place to be.

Luckily, Paulie eventually fixed this whole mess and by the end of the night, Zaulie was cuddled up once again, but this is still a red flag. Firstly, I think Zakiyah overreacted a bit. However, Paulie’s indifference to her feelings is not OK either and he should've respected them. While Zakiyah shouldn’t have tried to make Paulie jealous with Victor in a strange form of revenge, Paulie should have listened and not blown her off.

If Zakiyah gets this angry about someone playing with Paulie’s hair and then he absolutely shuts down, what will happen when they’re both on the chopping block or have to compete against each other? I hope these two lovebirds can figure out a better way to handle conflict, for the sake of more cuddling and the competition.

Image: Bill Inoshita/CBS