Are Chelsea Clinton's Children At The DNC? Charlotte & Aidan Are Making Their Grandmother Proud

As far as the children of presidents go, few are as accustomed to the spotlight as Bill and Hillary Clinton's daughter Chelsea. Now that she's facing a potential third term as first daughter, Chelsea has children of her own — Charlotte, who is almost two years old, and Aidan, who was born in June. As she speaks on the final night of the Democratic National Convention, many are wondering: Are Chelsea Clinton's Children at the DNC?

As of right now, just before 10 p.m. ET, Bill and Hillary's grandkids haven't made an appearance at the DNC, but that doesn't mean they're not there. With Chelsea and Hillary's speeches tonight, the pan-to-family opportunities are endless, especially as Chelsea's husband and Hillary's son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky, cheers on his wife and mother-in-law from the crowd.

Ahead of the convention, the Daily Mail published photos of the former and potential first daughter with her adorable daughter, Charlotte, along with her husband, Mezvinsky, loading up their car to head to the DNC. Baby Aidan was not in tow in those photographs, but could still make a last-minute appearance. All the same, a loud, rowdy convention floor is the last place I'd want to take a newborn baby even if his grandma's making history.

With newborn baby Aidan a mere 5 weeks old when Hillary officially became the Democratic party nominee, the Clinton Mezvinskys have certainly had an intense summer. Her summer heated up even more so when she discussed Republican nominee Donald Trump's lack of gender equality policy by posing an open question to his daughter Ivanka, who spoke at last week's Republican National Convention about the gender wage gap. Chelsea asked what Trump would do to decrease the wage gap, and pointed out that he has never spoken about the wage gap or posted anything about it on his website.

Her politicking doesn't end there: Chelsea, who is vice chair of the Clinton Foundation (her parent's charitable foundation) said she would likely help her mother in transitional and White House duties if she becomes president in November.

While the potential first grandkids haven't been spotted at the DNC, it's likely that if Hillary becomes president, they will become fixtures in the White House.