Selena Gomez’s Revival Tour Look Is So ‘90s

by Eliza Florendo

Let's get one thing straight: no one can top the effortless style of the beloved Aaliyah. Now that we've gotten that out of the way—Selena Gomez's Revival tour look is giving me some major ‘90s Aaliyah looks in the best way, and I couldn't be happier about it. After all, fashion is cyclical, and the edgy looks of the golden age of style are back and better than ever.

I remember watching Aaliyah's music videos with my sisters. From her beach looks in her "Rock The Boat" video, to her bikini and jeweled choker in "Try Again," she pretty much defined style goals back in the day. Most memorable were her totally badass looks in "Are You That Somebody." I'm talking crop tops and parachute pants, green eyeshadow, and low-rise pants and an exposed waistband. But most memorable about her style was her classic oval-shaped sunnies.

These were the looks that would stay with me forever, and luckily for us, these billowy silhouettes, shiny jackets, crop tops, and chokers are all coming back.

Scroll through the Revival tour's Instagram, and you'll find Selena rocking high-waisted bikini bottoms, bedazzled bodysuits, and a personalized jacket. It's safe to say that her looks totally kill. But none slay as hard as her vintage, two-piece, all-leather look. With a bustier style turtleneck crop top and leather pants tied on the sides, it's safe to say Gomez has reached peak '90s.

Paired with her center part, small sunnies, and dark lipstick—it doesn't get any better than this.

See the similarities?

Don't mind me as I obsess over this entire look.

Again, twinning.

And it looks even more dope under the lights. Not sure if I'd be cheering louder for her songs or for her lewk. I've got to say, she totally nailed it.

This is definitely a new look for Gomez, who we usually see in fiercely feminine gowns, body-hugging dresses, and badass bodysuits. She has been switching up her style lately, with vintage tees, distressed denim, and boxier silhouettes. I'm totally digging it.

I'm definitely adding this to my board for my fall aesthetic. Selena, you did good.