This Backstage Photos Of Obama & Hillary Clinton Sharing A Moment Are The Perfect Way To Cap Off This Convention — VIDEO

On Wednesday night, President Obama offered some insightful remarks into his former 2008 opponent's leadership capabilities. The president spoke at the Democratic National Convention on behalf of the party's nominee Hillary Clinton in hopes of assuring Americans that she would be the best choice for the country. But before the president took the stage to offer his support for Clinton, Obama and Clinton shared a laugh backstage and we're curious to know what it was all about.

During his speech about the Democratic nominee, Obama told the crowd that he believes there is no better person and that there has never been a more qualified individual to lead the country. He clarified, "Not me, not Bill, nobody. I hope you don't mind, Bill, but I was just telling the truth, man." Maybe that's what the two were laughing about backstage? Maybe Obama shared the line with Clinton and she couldn't help but get a good laugh out of it.

At the end of the day, the photos of the two sharing a casual and friendly moment at least solidified the notion of unity within the Democratic party moving forward. That two former presidential candidates could ferociously face each other in the 2008 Democratic party bid, and that one can endorse and support the other in her nomination eight years later speaks to that unity and their relationship, not only as world leaders but as friends.

Or maybe they're just sharing a laugh over what their unity means for the GOP. Maybe Obama was saying, "After I give this speech about you, the GOP won't stand a chance." In fact, Obama's speech actually did hit some Republicans where it hurt. Many conservative voters took to Twitter during Obama's address to express their discontent either over their own nominee or over the fact that the DNC was filled with hope and love, rather than anger and hate.

At the end of the day, Obama's words about Clinton were so important for her candidacy. For a current American president to refer to a former opponent and current Democratic nominee as the most qualified person ever to lead the United States was extremely important and legitimizing for her nomination.

Or maybe Obama was just telling Clinton to be super careful when she's in the Oval office about where she's sending her emails from, and who might have access to her servers. Just sayin'.