Kylie Cosmetics' Next Summer Surprise Could Be...

Just when you think you’ve bought everything your budget can handle from Kylie Cosmetics, the brand announces that they’re dropping more new products. Get ready to say goodbye to your rent money once you find out what the next Kylie Cosmetics #SummerSurprise will be. Because seriously, who can say no to this makeup company? If you can — you’ve got more will power than me.

Kylie Jenner took to Snapchat to tease the next product(s) to drop. While we can’t be sure of what’s headed our way just yet, she did announce that whatever is launching will be available to shop this weekend. So exciting! The only other major hints she gave away were that these products won’t neither include a Lip Kit in honor of her birthday (as some fans thought it might be) nor something you could use on your brows.

Given that Jenner was rumored to have trademarked the names “Kyshadow,” “Kyliner,” and “Kybrow,” my guess would be that she might release eyeliner next. Am I hot or cold with this idea, Jenner? Eye liner would be perfect to pair with her latest Bronze Palette, so let’s hope that’s indeed what’s coming next. If your wallet can handle it, that is. I'm sure you can take the hit. I mean, it'd be worth it for eye liner, wouldn't it?

The next release is coming super soon.

But, it won't be a Birthday Lip Kit.

Or brow products.

She did also recently tease three new matte shades.

But, what could go better with Kyshadow than Kyliner, you know?

Clearly, the Bronze Palette pairs well with some winged liner.

All right, all right. Enough with the guessing games. Just tell us what it is already, Jenner!