Is Kanye West's "Wolves" Music Video About Kim Kardashian? The Message Is As Beautiful As The Imagery — VIDEO

As always, Kanye West is full of surprises, and Friday was no exception, as he dropped a brand new video right on the heels of "Famous." This one isn't nearly as controversial, but it does bring up a question — is Kanye's "Wolves" video about Kim Kardashian? Sure, Kardashian appears early on in the Balmain-centric video amongst a whole host of models — but the short answer is, yes, the video is ultimately about her. Unlike said models, who appear stalking the runway in packs, dancing, or shielded by camera flashes from the paparazzi with the emphasis on their clothing rather than their faces, Kardashian appears in a close-up, by herself, separate from the rest of the video's cast. She's still wearing a design from the fashion house like everyone else, but she's far from blending in with the crowd.

West himself is pictured with tears running down his cheeks, and it seems clear to me that Kardashian is the source of all that emotion — especially when you look at the lyrics to "Wolves." The song seems to be sung to West's late mother, Donda West, and looks to be to reflecting on the time after her death — before he "found" Kardashian.

Lost and, found outTurned out, how you thoughtDaddy, found outHow you turned out, how you turned outIf mama knew nowHow you turned out, you too wildYou too wild, you too wildYou too wild, I need you nowGot to love youFound you, found youRight now, right nowRight now, right now

Later on in the song, he sings, "You gotta let me know if I could be your Joseph," (this is a biblical reference, by the way — Mary and Joseph ring any bells?) and even references the names of his children with Kardashian — Nori and Saint (he also references covering them in "lamb's wool," another biblical reference — making it clear that marriage and family life have helped him find himself. It's a beautiful message, and one that West has underlined with the cinematography in the "Wolves" video. By zooming in close on Kardashian's serene face and his own tears to show how grateful he is that he found her amongst the "wolves," aka, the rest of the world obsessed with tearing him down. Watch the video below, and I dare you not to tear up.

It's a really lovely look inside the Kimye relationship, I feel like, and it makes me like them more as a couple, and West more as an artist, so really well done all 'round.

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