6 Fast Facts About Allyson Felix - VIDEO

When watching star athletes like U.S. track and field competitor Allyson Felix compete, many of us can't help but wonder about the things that make these inspiring people who they are. There are plenty of facts about Allyson Felix that you would likely never know about the six-time Olympic Games medalist, from her childhood nickname to her favorite sport as a kid. (Hint: it's not running.)

At this year's Olympic Games in Rio, Felix will be running the 400-meter race and is positioned to be a gold-medal contender. After an ankle injury earlier this year, Felix was just .01 second short of qualifying for the 200-meter race, which has earned her one gold and two silver medals at the Olympic Games as well as three World Championships.

Despite this hurdle, Felix is ready to go for the gold this summer and give those 400 meters her all. But aside from her lightning speed, multiple medals, and positive attitude that inspires us all, what else can we learn about the U.S. sprinting queen?

We partnered with Folgers® to create this video that serves up some fast facts about Allyson Felix — it may just win you the gold during your next trivia night.

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