Kesha Drops the Dollar Sign in Her Name & We Know Where It Went

After completing her two-month stay in rehab, Kesha was recently spotted at LAX wearing an "Ima Survivor" shirt and donning her signature rainbow hair. Kesha's bright and healthy attitude isn't the only transformation the pop star made, though. Kesha officially removed the "$" symbol from her name. Her Twitter handle prior to her stay in rehab was @keshasuxx; it's now @KeshaRose and Kesha is spelled money-sign free in her bio.

Her first message out to her followers was, "Happy to be back! Feeling healthy & working on tons of new music. I can't thank my fans enough for all the love & support u have given me."

She's yet to make a statement as to why she's dropped the "$", but it's probably safe to say that it has to do with her new lease on life, a new image, and a new approach to her music.

And in case you're wondering where that "$" might land, it will officially join the ranks of these retired pop culture symbols. We salute you, Kesha! Take a look.

by Rachel Semigran

This "S" Symbol

Six lines to start. Millions drawn. Now forgotten.


Oh Amber, AS IF this would carry on though the Millenium.


No longer the Artist Formerly Known As, or this symbol. He’s just Prince again. Hopefully, forever.


The kids still aren’t doing this, are they? Oh, good.

T9 Predictive Text

Hey Autocorrect, know your roots.