The Best 'Cursed Child' Memes & Tweets

by Jordana Lipsitz

On Saturday night, bookstores across the country were full of children and adults dressed in wizard robes, with fake wands poking out of their pockets, Bertie Botts' Every Flavor Beans taking up residence in their shopping bags, and big smiles on their faces, as they partied in anticipation of the moment we've all been waiting for... the release of another Harry Potter book. Well, sort of — at the very least, a direct script-to-book adaptation of the two-part stage play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. But whatever the form, readers are still eagerly buying copies and freaking out over the content, and their collective excitement over the new work has inspired some fantastic memes and tweets about Cursed Child.

I mean, we've all been there. Harry Potter mania is a very real affliction, so if you find yourselves stricken, do not be alarmed. In fact, the best remedy is really simply to get your feelings out via Twitter, like some of these fine folks below. That, or take the day and read Cursed Child over and over again until your mania simply fades into exhaustion and you fall asleep, nose-deep in your book. Here are some of the best memes and tweets about the play, which will hopefully work to help cure your very real Cursed Child affliction — or just make you love it all even more.

1. The Person Who Isn't A Fan

Hey, everyone's entitled to an opinion, and that gif is really funny, so this is wonderful.

2. The Video That Shows The Depth Of Obsession

This user chose to simply report the news with a video from Sky News. Look at all those happy muggles and no-majs all dressed up in wizard robes counting down like it's New Year's Eve. Adorable.

3. The Snacks

Must get recipe for tasty little golden-brown snitches.

4. The Feels

I'm imagining the "Not my daughter, you b*tch" moment amplified tenfold. Anybody else feeling me? Because I'm tearing up just thinking about it.

5. The Snapchat Filter

Everybody looks good with a Harry scar. Everybody.

6. The Delivery Service Woes

But really, can owls be that much better? Probably not, right?

7. The Reference To "Always"

Excuse me, I'll be crying in the corner for three hours. Bye.

8. Jolly Rancher's Two Cents

Um, sorry JR, but the written word of HP always beats the movies. Duh.

8. It's Harry's Birthday, Too

Lest we all forget, the release of Cursed Child coincides with Harry's 36th birthday, which is another reason for celebration.

9. When All The Books Were Gone

It really brings back the warm and fuzzy nostalgia, doesn't it? Who could forget an entire shelf of books being empty because both kids and adults are hooked on Potter?

10. The Actual Tears

It's a very emotional time for us all. Don't feel bad at all if you start crying, because it's totally normal, I swear.

11. Feeling Left Out

Whether this person feels left out because they don't have the book yet or are not caught up on the series remains to be seen. If it's the first, they should find a friend and borrow a copy (it doesn't take that long to read). If it's the second, they've got seven books of reading to catch up on, so buckle up.

12. Death Eater Cupcakes?

I don't even want to think about what's in a death eater cupcake. Probably spider webs and puppy dog tails or something equally evil.

13. The FOMO

The age-old affliction of FOMO has never been realer. Never, ever, in the history of mankind.

14. No Spoilers, OK?

People on the internet can be brutal — tweeting spoilers and sharing images of text we shouldn't yet see all the time. The only way to be free is hop offline and hide your face in a couch (or the book.)

15. The Joy Of Ownership

And as long as you don't lose it on a beach trip or while moving, that book can be on your shelf forever and ever.

16. The Lady Who Brought Her Dog

I want a huge dog and I want to name him Hagrid but maybe I just want that huge dog named Hagrid. Bringing a dog to a party is always the absolute best idea.

Gotta love the Cursed Child feels.