The Robin Sparkles Retrospective You Need

by Sarah Freymiller

How I Met Your Mother will end on March 31 this year, but there is one aspect of the show that will never die: the musical stylizations of Robin Sparkles. We first met Robin's pop star alter-ego in Season 2, after adult Robin refused to go to the mall and much to the joy of audiences everywhere, it turns out that she had, as a teenage star, performed a Canadian pop anthem entitled, "Let's Go to the Mall." In a later video, "Sandcastles in the Sand," Robin frolics with her mall lover on the beach, and in a different video she transforms into angst-ridden Robin Daggers in a grunge-infused stalk-fest of a former lover. The title? "P.S. I Love You." Finally, and lest we forget, Robin and a fellow singer perform "The Beaver Song" on the show "Space Teens," which her friends coax her into performing at McClaren's. So, where can you watch Robin Sparkles videos?

Here. I've collected these videos for you so that you can remind yourself of what you're really here for: more Robin Sparkles. She's the life of the party and if I may say so, the life of the show. We'll forever love Robin Sparkles for ever and always.

"Let's Go to the Mall"

That hair. That jean jacket. That prime minister dance.

"Sandcastles in the Sand"

The best line in this one is clearly, "On our favorite bench/ We'd sit and talk and you taught me to French." Her old jean jacket ventures into this new episode in her life, now with no sleeves!

"P.S. I Love You"

The flannel. The anger. The donuts.

"The Beaver Song"

This one you will have to follow to its YouTube home, because embedding was disabled on the video. This just goes to show that a Canadian accent can make anything sound innocent.

The gang's all here, and these videos are begging you to watch them until the cows come home. Or until you know the lyrics and dances by heart, whichever comes sooner. My personal favorite moment is the belabored rhyming of "coat" with "about," because these songs flog the Canadian horse into the grave and out again. Regardless, they all merit at least three views, and as they play we can all raise a glass of maple syrup to Robin Sparkles!

Image: CBS