Jay Hernandez & His Wife Had A Very '90s Meeting

If you were a teen in 2001, there's a good chance you had a massive crush on Jay Hernandez, Kirsten Dunst's studly co-star in Crazy/Beautiful. In the film, he was the voice of reason and sweet boyfriend to Dunst's wild child, so he already was my future BF goals before I'd even started dating. Over the years, the actor's been steadily working on film and television, but I was shocked to find out that Hernandez was cast as El Diablo in Suicide Squad, which seemed like a huge leap from his previous, under-the-radar roles. Since he's been promoting Suicide Squad — and Bad Moms — as of late, I learned he was a happily married man, so naturally, I needed to know who Jay Hernandez's wife is.

I admit, I haven't followed Hernandez very closely in the last few years, so I had know idea he has been married to his wife since 2006 — which is eons in Hollywood. Hernandez's wife is Daniella Deutscher, who is also an actor herself. As it turns out, Hernandez and Deutscher met on the set of Hang Time , the '90s teen sitcom about a high school basketball team. The show aired on NBC from 1995 through 2000, and Deutscher was one of the only cast members who lasted the entire run, while Hernandez appeared on the sitcom from 1998 through 2000.

While the couple has remained quite secretive about their relationship, Deutscher has made some appearances on the red carpet to support her husband, most recently at the premiere of Bad Moms in Los Angeles:

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In 2014, Showbiz Geek wrote a "Where Are They Now?" on the cast of Hang Time, which listed some of Deutscher's acting credits after the show. Per Deutscher's IMDb, she appeared in a TV film, Special Forces, a guest role on Las Vegas, and a part on failed TV pilot Aquaman in 2006. Since then, there is no evidence of Deutscher dabbling in any further acting gigs.

Linda Spillers/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Deutscher also doesn't seem to have any social media accounts, but since she's supported Hernandez and his projects over the past few years, it seems that the couple have a strong marriage and relationship that they intend on keeping under wraps. It's clearly been working pretty well for them so far!