Check Out 'American Hustle' Deleted Scenes

So, maybe it didn't win any Oscars last Sunday, but fans of the flick need not shed any tears — two deleted scenes from American Hustle just surfaced on the Internet. However, these scenes focus primarily on Carmine, played by Jeremy Renner — the one actor from the movie who was otherwise snubbed by the Oscars.

The first scene finds New Jersey major Carmine Polito (Renner) singing and getting the whole crew up on stage for an impromptu dance session, in a moment of a brief optimism, saying that things are lookin' up (even thought they're obviously going downhill).

The other deleted scene involves Irving, played by Christian Bale and his facial hair, calming down Carmine after his failed tour pseudo-sheikh (Michael Peña). Obviously these two clips only add up to two minutes and twelve seconds, Vanity Fair's Katey Rich made a point that these clips — the second one particular — involve the kind of momentary vulnerability that Oscar nominations are made of. She argues that the movie was already so long winded, what would these two deleted scenes have done to hurt it? Obviously the directors have their points of view (perhaps that will be available later, too), but it's an interesting point to made, considering every other leading actor in the film received a nomination by the Academy.

The DVD and Blu-Ray edition of the movie will be released on March 18, which sounds almost as retro-themed as the movie itself (people still buy DVDS?!?). Yes! Some folks do like the experience of owning a good movie in a tangible format.

Check out the short deleted scenes below; they should at least satiate your '70s appetite.