Maddie Ziegler Adds Author To Her Resume

If there is one teenager out there who can do it all, it's this former Dance Moms star. On Monday, it was announced that Maddie Ziegler is writing four books, which include a memoir and three young adult novels. That might seem like a lot to some, but if anyone can do it, it's Ziegler. She has proven herself a successful talent since she first appeared on the Lifetime hit reality series and continues to shine in all areas of life. In addition to Dance Moms, she's judged FOX's So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation, starred in several Sia music videos, will continue dancing for Sia during her upcoming tour, and will soon be seen in the 2016 film The Book of Henry. It really shouldn't surprise anyone that she is now adding author to her already long resume.

According to its press release, Gallery Books will publish Ziegler's memoir in March 2017. Appropriately titled The Maddie Diaries, the 13-year-old will detail her rise to stardom and how she's stayed balance throughout it all. The "uplifting memoir" will also feature Ziegler's "unique perspective on making her way in the world as a young teenager, reflecting on the lessons she’s learned — and preparing for the exciting road ahead." A memoir from a 13-year-old might seem strange, but she's already lived a lot of life (and an exciting one at that) at such a young age.

As for her trilogy, Aladdin Books will publish the series created for middle grade readers. Ziegler's fans can expect the first book in fall 2017, with the second and third to be released in fall 2018 and fall 2019. The book series is set to follow "the journey of a young dancer as she navigates the competitive dance circuit and focuses on friendship and teamwork, while also recognizing the power and positivity of dance in our lives." That certainly sounds familiar. If anyone can tell that story, it's Ziegler.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

"I’m honored to be given the chance to write about my journey," Ziegler said in a statement including in the release. "My hope is to inspire others to always keep dreaming and push through the hardships because it’s so worth it to find something you are truly passionate about in life. Always be brave enough to live out your dreams."

Well, she is definitely doing just that and is not doubt inspiring her fans to follow their dreams. Keep up the awesome work, Maddie.