Kelly Osbourne's Officially Engaged to Mystery Man Matthew Mosshart

After about a year of dating, Kelly Osbourne is engaged to Matthew Mosshart. The E! Fashion Police sheriff confirmed to Britain's Hello magazine that they've actually had plans to marry since December, when he proposed while the two where vacationing in Anguilla. Rumors have been swirling since January that he put a ring on it, and now, well, it's official.

Never heard of Mosshart? Don't worry. It's probably because you don't follow the comings and goings of dairy-free, meat-free culinary artists. He's a 29-year-old vegan chef formerly based in New York.

Osbourne and Mosshart met at Kate Moss' wedding in the summer of 2011, and dated long-distance before he decided to pack up everything and move to be with her in L.A. Evidently, Osbourne's career of slamming stars' style choices and performing horrifically awful red carpet interviews was not something she was quite ready to give up for love.

No word on where or when the wedding will be, but something tells us there won't be any steak tartare on the menu. Given Mosshart's vegan stance and Osbourne's recent health kick (could her fiancé have something to do with her 70-pound weight loss?), guests will likely be treated to individual-sized cedar boxes filled with rosemary-infused oxygen and lettuce wraps stuffed with the hopes and dreams of the pigs who were spared from slaughter.

But after "dinner", we expect Ozzy Osbourne's father-of-the-bride speech to be epic. Think they make vegan bats? Regardless, alcohol is vegan, so there's that.